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Mirror pulled the plug!!

Important notice to all users of mirror.co.uk forums
Sadly, due to persistent and serious abuses, we will no longer be hosting discussions regarding Madeleine McCann on this website. We do not take this action lightly, believing this website should be a place for free and frank discussion across the broadest possible range of subjects. But the level of debate on the Maddy forums has gone way beyond what we consider acceptable, with several recent incidents of extremely abusive postings, both against fellow users and the McCanns. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from a small handful of malign voices and have taken the unprecedented decision to block all further discussion on the McCanns. We remind all users of our guidelines for mirror.co.uk, which can be found here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/forums Any further abuse of the spirit of this decision will result in users being immediately banned from our website. Mirror.co.uk is a family website. We want to encourage debate even argument across our forums. We are confident this decision will be understood and welcomed by the vast majority of our right-minded users.

The "Hunt for Maddy" thread in the Mirror Forum, retrieved by Gooogle's cached snapshots on 21 Jan 2008 01:28:07 GMT showed 50601 posts.

The List of what not to do in that Forum

Threads and other posts on this forum will be deleted by Mods without explanation if they are judged to be:

1. Personal attacks on forum members (or Mods). ('HelptofindMadeleine' Cyberwarriors)

2. Threads complaining about thread deletion. (

3. Threads that are attention-seeking, self-referencing or gratuitously self-serving. (Gerry & Kate McCann)

4. Threads about other forum members. (
Lori Campbell, Ian Woods )

5. "Chatty" type threads (such discussions are restricted to the Chatty Thread). (Philomena McCann, Gail Cooper, Jane Tanner)

6. Threads with no substantive point made by the OP. (The "eggman", "Bundleman", and the "Beast" aka George Harrison/George Bronson)

7. Smutty or sexually provocative. (Piers Merchant)

8. "Trojan" threads in which the OP's purpose is disguised by a deliberately misleading thread title. (The Rogatory Letters)

9. Duplicitous threads in which offensive material or links are posted with the apparent purpose of condemnation. (Roger Knapman)

10. Designed to provoke hateful or offensive comments. (British Media in General)

11. Bigoted, racist, sexist or homophobic. (Tony Parsons)

12. Commercial or political spam. (Clarence Mitchell)

13. Discussions of current or pending court cases (such discussions may be in contempt of court). (The Tapas 9)

14. Threads that in other ways breach the Terms & Conditions of Mirror Forums. (Gordon Brown, Jaqcui Smith)

Back In September in Transfattyacid: The Mirror Without Reflection

In the light of the recent crackdown on free speech at the Mirror Forums, and the concerted attacks by chimps and trolls, a break away group, of the more intelligent and reasoned contributors, has split and set up their own forum where the case can be discussed without censorship and threats by Mcpologists.

It is interesting to note the subtle and active way in which the Mirror has repressed free speech.

In early September, at the time the McCann's adopted arguido status in order not to answer police questions about there daughters disappearance, there were around 5,500 threads.

Since then there has been much fire and fury as the forum members have argued and debated the various twists and turns of the case. Yet at the time of writing this, there are 853 threads.

True many of the deleted threads were of no consequence. But a large number of them contained interesting and relevant information on the case; such as the Praia da Luz resident that claimed to have seen Gerry McCann in a bar on the opposite side of the village one hour after Madeleine went missing. And generally the information of the forum, now gone, was at least a week ahead of what was reported in the British media: thanks to the international nature of the contributors and the wide range of sources on which they drew.

The Mirror policy for more than a month has been to ban people who refered to these threads, or linked to them from cached google searches. But it seems the Mirror policy is now simply to lock down discussion, encourage trolling and promote ignorant pro-McCann pompom waving.

And of course this only plays into the hands of those that suggest the British media is biased and lying: as the claim that no one knows anything is the avowed tactic of the McCanns legal team: as destruction of debate serves only the McCanns.

Ironically the Mirror is intending next week to start running a marketing campaign to find how it can offer an improved and relevant internet service: presumably in order to boost advertising revenue and brand loyalty.

It might like to start by ending it's hypocrisy. And sacking the inflammatory Tony Parsons, whose rhetoric directly created an atmosphere which led to a McCann zealot threatening to 'visit' a nurse who dared to speak out about the terrible atmosphere at Glenfield hospital since the return of Gerry McCann. This 'visit' was presumably with the intention of causing physical harm. Though given that it was reinforced with a number of comments of a sexual nature, one does wonder.

And the Mirror also might like to consider reflecting the intelligent contribution of those on the forum, and the invaluable resource that it has wantonly destroyed: seemingly by government edict.

Yes Richard Branson, Brian Kennedy and Sir Philip Greene may threaten to withdraw advertising from the newspaper if it does not toe-the-line and support the McCanns. But they are going to withdraw that advertising anyway when the paper has no readers.

Mirror in Maddie Shocker
No more discussions about Madeleine McCann in The Mirror forum
Mirror deletes McCann Forum
The Mirror Forum (Hunt for Maddie) has been deleted.


  1. Mirror Forum Closure Predicted.

    Posted on Mirror Forum 22nd December 2007

    31 days ago


    Along the way for richer for poorer,it's been up and down

    for good or bad our ramblings in cyberspace about this

    wicked couple obviously cannot be allowed go on forever and

    it can only be a matter of time before the plug is pulled

    and this forum, the last openly available vestige of

    untrammeled free speech in the UK, that is critical of the

    Mccanns,is closed for good.

    The dark forces at work behind the scenes will win out and

    all over the internet the blogs and bloggers the pcs and

    the macs will be shutting down for Christmas and for what

    may be the very last time on this sorry tale.

    Whilst you have your family Christmas remember that there

    is a family out there,one of many I am sure, that is

    missing a family member this year,but just remember that

    you did all you could to " Find Madeleine " in your own way

    for Christmas too.

    Merry Christmas one and all.

  2. This closure is due to pressure/threats from Team McCann

  3. Something went off recently - a moderator from "Helping to Find Madeleine" turned up and accused everyone who didn't support the McCanns of being paedophiles, and "protecting one of their own" (in regards to the sketch produced earlier by Gail Cooper). This was the worst I had seen on there (I'm a lurker), but the sniping had been going off for a long time. Threads were being deleted for no reason, and certain members kept running to the mods over everything. I guess they had just had enough, and I can't blame them.

    I have to say though, you could honestly say what you thought there at one point, and everything would be debated fairly (whether pro or anti). Free speech existed. Then it went downhill, with personal insults and accusations flying every which way. I think that what tipped it was the paedophilia accusations, because from then on threads were deleted willy-nilly. It's a shame, really, because debate did occur there, believe it or not.

  4. Another nail in the coffin for free speech.
    The McCanns have very powerful backers but the rest of the world can see the bullshit piling higher and higher.
    Let's just hope the PJ can get the right result otherwise it could be the death of justice as we know it.
    This country is becoming like Nazi Germany with these propoganda machines.
    And the population are becoming more like sheep by the minute .Very very depressing.

  5. Forums to discuss

  6. I have followed the MM forum for many months, and nothing has changed within its content. It has always contained both anti and pro posts some of which have been rational, some irrational. Some have been abusive, many of which have rightly so been pulled. But on the whole there has been a great deal of acceptable debate, and that's how it should be. At the end of the day people will always find an avenue for free speech. So nothing had changed on the forum, yet suddenly a decision has been made to pull it, despite its popularity and the dedication of many posters who frequented it. That leads me to assume that something somewhere else HAS changed. Pressure has clearly been applied from elsewhere on the Mirror group. Someone somewhere is clearly feeling the heat. Perhaps this weeks farce with new witnesses and forced links between other cases has well and truly backfired. The spin can only work if people are stupid enough to fall for it. We weren't. There was a really interesting post today in MM forum. Someone was curious as to the occupations etc of forum users... it was reassuring to see that a whole range of people shared similar views...health service workers, social workers, retired police, shop floor workers, managers, teachers, housewives, artists, musicians, university lecturers....you name it. That forum captured the feelings and intelligent opinions of a whole cross section of the British public, and that is what C Larry and co are concerned about. I really think that a lot of background work has gone on there to pressure the Mirror to close that forum. They threw the spin at us to to change our minds..instead it strenthened our resolve and changed the minds of many pros. Every trick up their sleeves backfired and brought them further into disrepute. So there was nothing left to do but silence us. Unfortunately for him C Larry, despite his drain on the funds, is not the brightest penny...but even he must now be beginning to realise that closing one forum on the net is not enough to help them pull this off.


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