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Missing Girl Connected to McCann Case?

"The story seems to be hijacked (once Again) by the McCann's - their thoughts, their detectives, Madeleine's photo instead of the girls in some papers, hardly anything about Mari and her family."

The British Media, The McCann's Team and Clarence Mitchell try to sell us the story that the cases of Mari Luz Cortes and the Madeleine's Case are somehow connected. Why would anybody who can just simply snatch a child from the street even contemplate attempting to abduct a child from an apartment that is (allegedly) checked every 20 - 30 minutes, is in view of many tourists, is covered by CCTV, its a huge risk when compared to how easily someone can take an unprotected child from the street. The risk of abducting Madeleine from the apartment was too high. There were too many factors to consider, the coming and going of the parents, people passing by, the twins in the same room could cry (why didn't they?!), etc, whereas taking the child from the street was and is somewhat 'easier'. The Newspapers jumped on Mari Luz Cortes story because if you put the title Madeleine's bla bla bla", it will sell papers, its as simple as that!

Private investigators hired by Kate and Gerry McCann are looking into the disappearance of a five-year-old girl in Spain. Mari Luz Cortes went missing from Huelva, Spain, on Sunday. The town is some 200 kilometres away from the location where Madeleine McCann was last seen, the BBC reported.

The McCanns have contacted the missing girl’s parents and the Spanish police. But there has been no firm connection between the two cases as of yet.

Mari Luz Cortez disappeared on Sunday afternoon as she was walking to a near-by store to buy potato chips. A witness said she had seen Mari in a bus with a Romany woman. It is possible the witness could be right because she gave an exact description of the girl’s clothes.

Police are still searching the area and Portuguese police have joined in the search, looking on their side of the border.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, said his clients have already contacted the Spanish police.

Kate and Gerry are very concerned abut the disappearance of the other girl. Their thoughts and prayers are with the Cortes family, Mitchell said.

Madeleine's dad Gerry said: "We are extremely concerned another young girl has gone missing in the region. We hope Mari is found quickly, safe and is returned to her family as soon as possible.

"Our thoughts are with her family as the search continues."

New evidence has private investigators questioning whether Madeleine McCann may have been kidnapped by a Spanish pedophile gang, the London Daily Mail reported Monday.

The evidence comes on the heels of an abduction of a 5-year-old gypsy girl Sunday night while playing in a park on Portugal's southeast coast, the same area where the McCann investigation began, the Daily Mail reported. (A few sloppy mistakes in the British Press: the girl in Huelva , Mari Luz Cortes not Mariluz Cortesa, went missing at 5pm, when it was still light. She went out to the local kiosk, where the kiosk owner said he saw her set off for home again. The same journalist said that the private investigators were flying to Spain (when they are based in Barcelona, Spain) . The same British article said she was playing in a park with friends when she went missing - again not true the little girl disappeared from the Huelva City district of El Torrejón on Sunday on her way home from the sweets kiosk. The area where she lives is called 'Parque' of something or other, that doesn't mean she was in a park)

The Metodo 3 agency, the independent firm hired by the McCanns, is focusing on this area following leads from southeast cities like Valencia and Alicante. Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias revealed these two areas are known to include various gangs of child sex abusers that have links with paedophiles in various other countries such as Belgium. (The press can't get a story straight: In Diario the Noticias the news about the paedophiles links comes from the Metodo 3 agency: "Contudo, segundo apurou o DN, os detectives privados estão também a seguir pistas em Espanha, designadamente nas zonas de Valência, Levante e Alicante, onde têm surgido informações sobre a existência de numerosas redes de pedofilia com ligações a outros países europeus, entre os quais a Bélgica. "Não podemos descurar seja o que for", alegam os detectives.")

Kate and Gerry McCann were seen in the Spanish city of Huelva at least once following the belief their daughter's kidnapper may have travelled with her through that town, according to the Daily Mail.

Local media have brought allegations against the McCanns stating the true intent of their trip to Huelva may have been to dispose of Madeleine's body. However, no evidence has been brought to support these claims.

Huelva borders Portugal on the country's south-east border. There is no border patrol between these two countries and Spanish authorities were not notified of her disappearance until the morning after. It took 12 hours before they were provided with a picture and description of the child giving the kidnapper a large window of time to cross the border without being noticed.

Officers had begun scouring the estuary where the Rio Tinto and Rio Odiel merge, an Interior Ministry spokesman said on condition of anonymity in keeping with government rules.

Huelva is 200 kilometers (120 miles) from where the Portuguese coastal resort of Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared on May 3.

Canary Islands: Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales

The central government representative on the Canary Islands, José Segura, has confirmed to the EFE news agency that police have arrested a suspected accomplice in the recent attempted kidnapping of nine year old Sandra Domínguez in Telde, Gran Canaria.

The main suspect, Marcos Javier Rodríguez Cabrera, was arrested last week and is now in prison on remand. It’s understood he has a previous record of sexual abuse, and according to reports, suffers ‘personality disorders,’ with recommendations that he should not be in contact with children, EFE said. He faces charges of attempted kidnap, illegal possession of weapons, and vehicle theft.

Segura said he was unable to give any details about the second person taken into custody
Police on Gran Canaria have been searching a pet crematorium on the Salinetas industrial estate in Telde in their investigations into Rodríguez Cabrera, with reports in the press that they could be looking for possible leads into the disappearance of two children missing from the Canary Islands, Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales. The Mail on Sunday noted that officers on Gran Canaria ‘are aware of the Madeleine McCann case and have been fully briefed about it,’ and mentioned possible links to her case. They quoted a police source saying that cases of disappearing children are relatively ‘rare in this part of the world’ and ‘it is not impossible for those few that have occurred to be linked.’

The suspect worked at the crematorium before it was closed down some years ago. A specialist anthropologist has been called in to identify bones found at the scene, to establish whether they come from animals or humans.

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