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More Metodo 3 "witnesses" : Lawyer Claims Madeleine Raped, Murdered and Dumped

A Portuguese lawyer claims that the child was raped, murdered and dumped in a reservoir within two days of her disappearance.

Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia, a lawyer and a PND member , says that criminals from underworld contacted him on 6th May and that gave him details about Madeleine's rape & murder. He further claims that he had given this information to police who ignored it.

This is the same lawyer who in November 2007 failed to prosecute* the Correios de Portugal (CTT) because these have not delivered a registered letter to the McCanns.

The letter, according to the lawyer, provided clues "that are of high credibility" and that could help in the investigation of the disappearance of Maddie.

Those elements were referred to the PJ (Judiciary Police) of Portimão by researchers from Funchal, but had no credibility.

He said Metodo 3 was "very interested" in his information.

Metodo 3 contacts with the Mafia:

* The judge from Judicial Court of the Funchal ruled as unjustified and of bad faith the process related with the litigation planned by the lawyer, condemning him it to pay a fine of of around 100 euros, and postponed 'sine die' the trial.

Mafia Underwold and Metodo 3
November 10
Last Sunday the News of the World revealed that the crack Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns, Metodo 3, are convinced the youngster was snatched to order then smuggled from Portugal to Morocco.

Last night it looked like Mafia bosses will AGREE to use their underworld connections in the hunt for Maddie.

Mob bosses who supply millions of pounds of cannabis around the world effectively control vast areas of the North African country. The authorities believe Maddie may be hidden in the moutainous Rif region and that the Mafia there provide the best hope of finding her.

A source close to the Moroccan security services told us: "The gangs can put the word out and will be able to find out through the underworld network connecting every city, town and remote village.

"When they want to find out information, they can."

Maddie disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Portuguese resort Praia da Luz on May 3, just days before her fourth birthday.

Gazeta Digital: What is a Human Rights lawyer?

Once again, here comes a witness, when the Madeleine’s case has a new development. Somebody who calls himself a “Human Rights lawyer” knows what happened to the child. This lawyer has no record, in Portugal, as a Human Rights lawyer. He is just one lawyer, among many thousands – and he lives in the island of Madeira. He is not known in relation with any high profile case where Human Rights were at stake.

He has no activity in any kind of organization dedicated to defend Human Rights. He was in the news, months ago, when he revealed he had wrote to Police with important details about the case, and threatened to sue the Mail Office, because his letter to PJ apparently was lost.

But Team McCann got what they wanted: the same day it is officially confirmed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested an extension of three months to continue to investigate the case, newspapers have big news that “indicate” the parents are innocent.

And to help them, a poor English gardener, working at Praia da Luz, was denounced through an email, as a possible suspect. Just months before, another email to the site of Prince Charles, revealed that a maid fired by Ocean Club was the kidnapper. Read the Full article Here

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