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Mother of missing Yeremi Vargas gives an interview to 20minutos newspaper

She tells the paper that 'setting up a show' like the McCanns could be predudicial to her son
The mother of missing eight year old boy, Yeremi Vargas, has given an interview to the newspaper 20minutos. Yeremi went missing over six months ago when playing in the street outside his grandmother’s house in Vecindario on the island of Gran Canaria.

Ithaisa Suárez told the paper that she thought that putting on a show, as had been seen by the McCanns could be prejudicial to her son. She said when she first saw the McCanns on television she thought ‘They have no idea what they face’.
Yeremi’s mother has left the police alone to continue their investigations, and says she still often dreams that he will be found safe.

Her sadness has been increased with the death of one of Yeremi’s Grandparents who died on Thursday aged 89.
‘She died from the stress and sadness of not knowing what has happened to her grandson’ and the boy’s mother tells the paper that with his disappearance the family’s way of laughing, of just living life, has also been taken away.

Yeremi Vargas

Source: Typically Spanish
Sep 18, 2007


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26 Dec 2007
The parents, Ithaisa Suárez and Juan Francisco Vargas say they consider it to be ‘immoral’ that people are trying to sell or raise money on the disappearance of a child...

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