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Nobody in Praia da Luz saw the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine

"I would never forget a face like this"

Many questions the fact that the image only appeared now. There are some that say he looks like Charles Bronson the actor.

24 Horas: Sónia Trigueirão

The inhabitants of Praia da Luz, Algarve, guaranteed that they never saw the man represented in the photo-fit divulged by the McCann's family as being the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine. Almost all of the persons interviewed yesterday by 24 Horas said that if they had seen him they would remember. " I would never forget a face like this", was the most repeated sentence.

Carla, 32 years old and client of the video club Eureka had already seen the photo in the newspapers. "It is strange it only appears now. So many months after people don't remember half of the faces that passed through here at the time. Nonetheless, I think that if I have seen him I would never forget", she said to 24 Horas. And she added that the photo reminded her of someone: " When I saw that photo in the newspapers it seemed to me like Charles Bronson".

Edward Price, Tuc Price's brother, friend of Robert Murat refused to be photographed seeing the image of the alleged kidnapper but he gave his opinion: "He does not seem alike with anyone I know or I have seen in the area. But 8 months after what are they expecting by showing this image. There are many questions that were not made. How, why only now? ".

Kneen, British citizen, 56 years old, living in Praia da Luz for three years goes further and gives some suggestions to the authorities. "Please! If I was the kidnapper I would never walk in the street like this. I think that they should try to make different images from this one and put them side by side", he said suggesting that they should make another image without the moustache or even with shorter hair. "Does anyone believe that the man was walking in the streets like that waiting to be caught?". Haynes Hubbard, the Anglican priest friend of the McCanns did not recognize the photo: "I only arrived here two months after the disappearance of Madeleine, but after that I never came across with nobody like this man. I wish I did! I could help Gerry and Kate".

We also spoke with some employees of the Ocean Club, the resort from where Madeleine disappeared. None recognised the man.

We heard the same answer in the Baptista's supermarket, the Tapas Bar and in the coffee shops near the beach where the British went during their holidays in Algarve.

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