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The Photo-fit Suspect Saga

“Is this the face of the man in the picture? No it is not. Just leave me f****** alone.

“You are destroying my life. I have had the police around here and they know it is not me. I want you off my land right now.”

"According to the Diario de Noticias, M. Joaquim José Marques has the intention to sue the press for having been presented as the man suspected by the McCanns to be involved in the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine. Yesterday afternoon, he has gone with his wife, Rebecca Barnes to Lagos to request legal assistance. Curiously, it was the ex-girl friend of Serguei Malinka that did accuse M. Marques to the police."

Suspect: British holidaymakers guarantee that it was the individual

Man from photo-fit saw in Altura and Tavira

At least five holidaymakers, three British and two Germans say they saw in Altura, Castro Marim the man that appears in the photo-fit presented by the McCanns. The individual is described as "very look like the sketch" by one of the British and was seeing observing the sons of the tourists.

"I am convinced that it was the same man and I would never forgive myself if he has anything to do with Madeleine", said one of the British. Another holidaymaker guarantees that on Monday the man tried to approach two children but was prevented of doing so by the mother of one of the kids. The Germans say they saw him in several occasions in Altura's beach and that he spoke German.

In Tavira there are also testimonies of the presence of a man alike to the photo-fit. The suspect is described as a person who "is constantly at home but have a nocturnal life". The PJ does not give a lot of credibility to all these testimonies that appear now. "It is natural - some months ago Madeleine was also seen everywhere", said to the CM a source linked to the process.

Meanwhile the American hostesses Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters are fighting for an interview with the McCanns in their talk shows. And they are willing to pay a fortune for that. Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, confirmed to the press that they are in "conversations".

The photo-fit suspect has links to Malinka

The man whose face is similar to the photo-fit made from a testimony of a tourist who spent holidays at Praia da Luz, in April, shortly before Madeleine McCann has disappeared, was denounced to the Judicial Police (PJ) by an ex - British girlfriend of a former partner of Sergey Malinka, the Russian which is one of the witnesses of the case, discovered the DN.

Joaquim José Marques, around 30 years old, living in Pedregosa, near Barão de São João, Lagos, was only heard by the investigators after news began to circulate that related him to the photo-fit recently released by the McCanns as the suspect of the abduction of their daughter.

The DN found,that the police approached the girlfriend of Joaquim Marques, Rebecca Barnes, in the hairdresser where she works in Praia da Luz. It was Rebecca who led the inspectors to her partner. However, both the PJ and the McCanns already discarded the alleged suspect.

Yesterday afternoon, there was nobody in the property where the man lives, known as Quim Zé, he has received the journalists with shotguns and dogs. We discovered that the couple went to the Social Security of Lagos to ask for legal aid, in order to sue the press. Only within one week this organism will rule on the request after an assessment on the economic situation of the individual.

The disclosure of the photo-fit left some foreigners in the area, with similarities to the photo-fit concerned. One, a German national, says he expects the visit of the police and he says he is available.

On the other hand, the President of the Borough Council of Barão de São João, António Correia, is concerned with "the foreigners who live in isolated areas and that no one knows who they are." In places like the Vale de Bordeira, Vale de Coelho and Mioto live more than 50 persons of several nationalities in caravans or homes of friends. "It is necessary that the SEF, the GNR and the PJ check these areas," he said.

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