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Police on Gran Canaria search pet crematorium for signs of missing children

An attempted child kidnap last week could be linked to the disappearance of Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales. A police source also said officers have been fully briefed about the Madeleine McCann case
Police on Gran Canaria have been searching a pet crematorium on the Salinetas industrial estate in Telde in their investigations into Marcos Javier Rodríguez Cabrera, for any possible leads into the disappearance of two children missing from the Canary Islands, Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales. The Mail on Sunday noted that officers on Gran Canaria ‘are aware of the Madeleine McCann case and have been fully briefed about it,’ and mentioned possible links to her case. They quoted a police source saying that cases of disappearing children are relatively ‘rare in this part of the world’ and ‘it is not impossible for those few that have occurred to be linked.’

The suspect worked at the crematorium before it was closed down. A specialist anthropologist has been called in to identify bones found at the scene, to establish whether they come from animals or humans.

Rodríguez was arrested last Thursday in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a 10 year old girl, Sandra Domínguez, who he tried to lure into his van with a five euro note. She managed to escape, and later identified him at a police identity parade. Two other young girls whose parents a year ago reported kidnap attempts in Vecindario a year ago, also took part, and it’s understood identified Rodríguez. Yeremi Vargas was last seen playing in the street in Vecindario in March 2006.

The judge remanded the suspect to prison without bail after five hours of questioning, and has ruled secrecy over the court investigation. He faces charges of attempted kidnap, illegal possession of weapons, and vehicle theft.

Source: Typically Spanish

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