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Police search animal crematorium for missing children's remains

Police in Gran Canaria have been searching a defunct animal crematorium accompanied by a man arrested for the bungled kidnapping of a 10 year old girl last Friday in Telde, who used to work there.

A police spokesman said that, at this stage of their investigation, they cannot rule out the possibility that the 30 year old man (photo, second right), who has previous convictions for sexual abuse, may also be linked to the recent disappearances of two other youngsters from the same area: Yeremi Vargas (7), who has been missing since March last year and Sara Morales (14), who has not been seen since July 2006.

According to a report on the teldeactualidad website, although the crematorium was closed down four years ago, its oven is still operational and was last used some two months ago.

Source: Think Spain

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