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Public Prosecutor’s Office is going to send rogatory letters again after doubts raised by British authorities

Lusa / SOL

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will send the rogatory letters again relative to Maddie’s case, after the British authorities raised doubts to their execution, which had been sent previously through the Eurojust, the Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed today.

« The rogatory letters were sent by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) via Eurojust in order to be enacted. The British authorities raised some questions to the Eurojust, reason for which they will be sent again through the judicial cooperation of the PGR », stated the General - Prosecution Office of the Portuguese Republic (PGR).

With this option, the PGR « thus tries to solve a problem that it did not create and for which it cannot be blamed ».

A rogatory letter is a formal request from one country to "the appropriate judicial authorities" in another country requesting to carry out certain diligences related to on going investigation.

Eurojust is an European Union body to enhance the effectiveness and the cooperation of the competent authorities within Member States when they are dealing with the investigation and prosecution of serious cross-border and organized crime.

At present the competences of the Eurojust include the forms of serious and organized criminality, regarding the criminality of the competence of the Europol, like crimes of organizations and terrorism, human trafficking, weapons, illicit drug trafficking, crimes against children, corruption, fraud and money laundering, between other serious cross border crimes.

The British girl, Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 of a tourist resort in the Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve, and the mystery and the apparent lack of solid traces and motivations to explain what happened contributed to turn this into one of the most mediatic cases.

After the parents had been constituted 'arguidos' in the inquiry, the process was declared on the last 14th of January of special complexity, which allowed extending the term of the secret of Justice for more three months.

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