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Ray Wyre spinning for the McCanns

Ray Wyre on Sunday Telegraph
27th May 2007
Ray Wyre, an acknowledged expert on sexual crimes, Portugal attracts huge numbers of them. He has been to the country several times helping track down paedophile rings. "British paedophiles have always operated there," he says. "If a child was being snatched on behalf of a barren couple, they would probably have taken one of the twins," he says. "The sad thing is that paedophiles are attracted to beautiful little girls, especially blondes, like Madeleine."

Ray Wyre On Daily Mail
28th July 2007
However, according to Ray Wyre, an expert on paedophilia who advised detectives on the Fred and Rose West murder investigation, the decision to keep Madeleine at the top of the news agenda could have serious ramifications.

"There are two potential scenarios," he told me. "If you are Madeleine's parents, it is understandable to want publicity because it might bring information.

"And it means you are not dealing with bereavement; you are dealing with a lost child.

"On the other hand, if Madeleine is in captivity, a high-profile campaign could make her position even worse.

"Her captor may feel it necessary to shut her away for longer periods to avoid her being recognised.

"There's also the possibility that the abductor - or killer - may be watching the McCanns and getting kicks out of what they are doing.

"If you are dealing with a sadist, publicity can become part of the problem. As awful as these possibilities are, they should be assessed carefully."

Since the McCanns are receiving psychological help, these risks must have been taken into account.

Mr Wyre also expressed a concern that, as in so many cases of family trauma, the strain of losing Madeleine might adversely affect the twins and cause cracks in the McCanns' relationship.

Happily, in this regard at least, Gerry McCann's mother has no fears.

"I know a lot of people split up in situations like theirs, but no way," she said.

"Gerry adores Kate, and she adores him. They were very much in love before, and they still are. I can see in their manner towards each other that it's still there.

"They are saying that all that matters is the twins until they get Madeleine back.

"They spend more time with them than ever. Kate is there at bath-time, lunch-time, dinner-time and bed-time. At the beginning, she wasn't able to do that."

Though the family are careful to avoid saying anything distressing relating to Madeleine, she is discussed as normally as possible in front of Shaun and Amelie.

"Every night, before going to sleep, they always say the same thing: 1Good night, Shaun. Good night, Amelie - and good night, Madeleine,'" said Eileen.

Ray Wyre Blog On Madeleine:
Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
I have been asked by the press many times to provide a profile, to assess whether or not the McCanns have killed the children. How does one even begin to answer the questions if one does not have access to the police intelligence and investigation . To comment on profiling can be irresponsible and part of the problem.

Ray Wyre Site & CV:
He has appeared and acted as a consultant to many TV programmes and commentaries and is a regular contributor to international (BBC World) national and local television and radio news and features programmes, on subjects such as the use of pornography, the management of sexual offenders in the community and other crime and security issues. His desire to influence policy and public opinion through the use of the media is seen as an important part of his work.

Ray Wyre on False Allegations Action Scotland
Ray Wyre credited as a child protection expert and a sex crime consultant. He began his current career as a probation officer trained in social work in UK prisons, in his past he trained to become a Baptist Minister. It is during his time at HMS Albany, that Wyre began to branch away from accepted methods for handling those convicted of sex offences.

It was normal for a convicted person to meet on a one to one basis with the Probation Officer, Wyre chose instead to give 3 or 4 the same appointment, though he denied that he considered this to be a group. At the time, the Prison Officer's Association were unhappy with this, as they felt it introduced unnecessary risks to the meetings.

The value of group therapy in these situations is also disputed by research. It has been found in at least one study (Romero and Williams, 1983) that ‘the addition of group psychotherapy to conventional probation supervision did not significantly reduce sex offender recidivism‘.

Wyre continued to pursue his own methods and in the 1980's began to influence social work child protection practices more heavily. In 1988 he introduced the satanic element to the large scale Nottingham case. Having been contacted by Tim Tate, journalist, Wyre passed on lists of 'satanic indicators' (lists of symptoms which are claimed to indicate the child has been a victim of SRA) to the children's foster parents. He also briefed them on what to look for, encouraging the foster parents to keep journals on the children's behaviour and anything the children discussed.

In the subsequent enquiry into the case, Wyre was heavily criticised for his actions and influence on the case. As the bizarre allegations became more and more fantastic, a rift formed between police investigating the case, who could find no evidence supporting the allegations, and the social workers, who were adamant that this abuse had occurred. Police refused to accept any further allegations, and refused to accept as evidence the journals that Wyre had urged the foster parents to keep.

A committed believer in the SRA movement, Ray Wyre continued to spread his beliefs, as did other workers swept up in the tide of hysteria. An associate of Wyre's, Pamela Klein, also lectured at joint training conferences for police and social workers on the subject of SRA. Originally from Illinois, and a rape crisis worker, Klein's activities had previously been criticised by an Illinois judge, who stated that she "was not a legitimate therapist" and that she was not licensed to practice.

Wyre and Klein both were instrumental in spreading the SRA movement through Australia and New Zealand. Klein’s list of indicators included bedwetting, a fear of ghosts and nightmares. Four of those involved in the infamous McMartin pre-school scandal in the US, also targeted Australia and New Zealand. Almost immediately cases with strikingly similar allegations to those already seen in the US and UK sprang up.

Despite being criticised for his influence on the Nottingham case, and warnings that training workers to look for these indicators, and the methods used to elicit the desired responses from the interviewees were dangerous and should be stopped, Wyre continued.

Ray Wyre Former Site: RWA - Child Protection Services
The trauma involved, when allegations are made that you or your partner have been accused of sexual abuse, can never be underestimated. The need for independent assessment appears to be crucial. Often families are very confused in their feelings, distrustful of statutory agencies and an independent service can help them better understand the nature of sex abuse, whilst at the same time allowing for the possibility that the alleged offender is innocent of the allegations. At other times the alleged offender might be admitting the guilt and will be frightened as to the current investigation and the likely outcome of forth coming criminal and civil proceedings. In these cases an independent assessment can help in obtaining intervention for both the offender and the family. Many families, whatever the final outcome, are entering a process where they often feel they have little control or information to help them understand the likely outcomes. Fears of custodial sentencing, loss of the children, break up of the adult relationships are all real fears that have to be faced. For an informal discussion on whether or not our services would be suitable for your situation please telephone 01908 225540.

RWA Child Protection Services (Formerly known as Ray Wyre Associates Ltd) are consultants in the field of Child Protection, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Paedophilia, Sexual Crime, Sexual Offending, Child Pornography / Downloading indecent images of children from the internet, Professional Misconduct, Training and Consultancy.

Ray Wyre independent consultant (RWIC) is no longer employed by this organization if you wish to contact him for a personal matter then please telephone our head office and we will try to assist.

Ray Wyre on the UK Poker Tour Players from Channel Four
Criminal Psychologist from Milton Keynes

55 year old. Psychological profiler, specializes in children who've been abused. One of the foremost experts in his field in Europe.
Recently had a bit-part in a BBC crime drama in which he played an expert in child abuse crime.
Been playing for a couple of years on the internet and then started with the small tournaments. Enjoys the live game a lot more. Signed on to a few EPT's and realized he had bitten off more he could chew but now is ready to try his hand again.
Reckons he doesn’t have any hobbies: it's either poker or work with him.

Ray Wyre on the Satanic Media Watch and News Exchange

Written by Amina Olander Lap Saturday, 14 October 2006

Ray Wyre introduced the satanic dimension to the Nottingham child abuse investigation in the UK (Se the Satanic Ritual Abuse section). He made four lecture tours in Australia and influenced the spread of belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse in Australia. (Source: Satan's Excellent Adventure in the Antipodes). Ray Wyre trained to become a baptist minister before he became the head of a clinic for sex offenders (Source: Child Abuse - or occult rituals).

Quotes on Ray Wyre:(1999) [In connection with the Nottingham case]Essentially all of the diary allegations were made by 4 children from three foster homes. It was only after Ray Wyre briefed the foster parents with "Satanic indicators" on 1988-FEB-9 that the children started to disclose stories about:strangers being involved in the abuse, and abuse happening outside their own homes Mr. Wyer's services had been acquired by Social Services as an expert in SRA. His indicators of SRA came from an alleged expert from the US, and included: "transportation to other places, animal sacrifices, drinking of blood, eating flesh, defiling children with urine and faeces, monsters and ghosts, a mysterious church, killing of children etc." Foster parents were urged to ask their children about these indicators, and to document the results.
From THE "NOTTINGHAM, UK" RITUAL ABUSE CASES by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance(1990)

[In connection with the Nottingham case]According to Christine Johnston, a senior social worker, and Judith Dawson, the team leader, the children began telling bizarre stories which they could not understand. They called in Ray Wyre, a former probation officer who runs a clinic in Birmingham for sex offenders. He gave them a list of "Satanic indicators", a profile of signs and symptoms used by American police officers which he told the Independent on Sunday he was given by Pamela Klein, a Chicago social worker who lectures on Satanic abuse.Wyre had other literature on Satanic abuse from the United States, where he had first studied child abuse in 1984. He had picked up some of the material himself on a visit in 1988; other information he had been sent. Mr Wyre says the social workers initially asked him if he knew anything about witchcraft because the children were writing strange things in their diaries. he said he told the social workers and foster parents the sort of things said by children who had been ritually abused.Mr Wyre studied for three years in the early 1970s at a Baptist bible college in Birmingham to become ordained as a minister, but chose probation work instead. He said his former beliefs were not relevant to his work with sex offenders. From The Making of a Satanic Myth

Ray Wyre on the Journal of the Institute for Psychological Therapies
Two other American figures, both social workers, were to have a significant impact on the dissemination of the satanism scenario. First, Pamela Klein, a rape crisis worker from Illinois, drew up a set of "satanic indicators" which included such symptoms as bed wetting, nightmares, fear of monsters and ghosts, and a preoccupation with feces, urine and flatulence: these were to feature in a number of subsequent investigations of alleged satanism in several countries. Her credentials had been questioned by an Illinois judge, who stated that she was "not a legitimate therapist" and was not licensed to practice (Pope, 1991). In July 1985 she settled in Britain and was very influential in generating a network of satanic claims-makers through her contributions to conferences and seminars, including one involving senior police officers. Among her early associates was Ray Wyre, and together they introduced the satanic dimension to the Nottingham child abuse investigation (Emon, 1993, pp. 49-50). Wyre was later to make four lecture tours of Australia, the most recent in July 1998. As will be seen, Klein was also influential in New Zealand.

Ray Wyre on the "Beyond the Dutroux Affair"

July 9, 1989, Sunday Times, 'Rape expert: the witness they never call; Ray Wyre': "What Wyre knows about the distorted male mind is not pleasant. He learnt most, he says, from the four months he spent on a Churchill Fellowship in the United States with the FBI, studying the treatment of rapists and murderers and their victims. From that experience, he can say that he has seen everything including films of killings and mutilations which the murderers themselves took. Most of us, he says, are quite unaware of what actually is done to victims; we are protected from the horrible truth by the limits of what is printable."

False [Abuse] Allegations Action Scotland: "Wyre’s opinions were further questioned regarding snuff videos. He is quoted as having viewed snuff films first hand in America. Apparently however, when contacted, he denied having seen one, and claimed that what he saw was instead a sophisticated simulation. Though he insists that the FBI did have such films in their possession and claimed that they were available in England, both the FBI and Scotland Yard dispute this."

By Marcello Mega And Daniel.Jones@People.Co.Uk Daniel Jones
27 January 2008

Kate and Gerry played NO part in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, one of the world's top crime experts declared last night.

Ray Wyre - who has given Cracker-style testimony to courts since the 1970s - said: "It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for them to have been involved."

He insisted the grief-stricken parents were incapable of doing anything to harm their children.

He told how the couple feared Maddie was dead in the hours after she vanished - the first time their initial anguish has been revealed.

And he heaped scorn on claims the McCanns are being torn apart by the tragedy, adding: "They are a close and loving couple."

Wyre spoke out as it was revealed Portuguese cops now believe four-year-old Maddie may have been abducted - as Kate and Gerry have always claimed.

The couple met Wyre, 56, to discuss setting up an international taskforce to help cops trace missing children.

They poured out their hearts to him and his wife Charmaine over dinner at the ace criminologists's home in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Wyre - who's helped nail a string of monsters including child-killer Robert Black - said: "I was with them for several hours and I could not help but apply some of the practices I use when I'm carrying out assessments of suspects for police and the courts.

"I can state categorically there is no way they were involved in their daughter's murder or disappearance.

"They would be incapable of such an act.

"I have more than 30 years' experience in this field and am used to people trying to hide dark secrets.

"There was NO sign of any such deceit. It is absolutely impossible for them to have been involved."

And Wyre paid a moving tribute to the way the 39-year-old couple manage to think of other people even though their hearts are broken.

He said: "It was humbling and moving to meet the McCanns.

"They brought flowers for my wife, which brought tears to our eyes.

"You consider what they've been through and they still bring flowers when they come to your home."

Wyre hit out at shocking claims of eating disorders and marriage rifts made about Kate and heart specialist Gerry, whose twins Sean and Amelie have just turned three.

He said: "It can't have helped while they've had this massive tragedy on their hands.

"Days before we met I was reading an ill-informed article saying they were growing apart.

"But they are a close and loving couple who are certainly united in their roles of being good parents to the twins and maintaining momentum in their quest to find Madeleine.

"There is no doubt they are a couple - they are together and they support and comfort one another.

"They were very warm and friendly to each other and there was no sign of dispute between them.

"During the meal, Gerry often put his armround the back of Kate's chair.

"They were affectionate to one another all the time. They looked very much together.

"As for any suggestion Kate might have an eating disorder, it's nonsense. She sat down to my wife's home-made lasagne and garlic bread with a smile and really enjoyed it .

"And she tucked into the banoffee pie for pudding like the rest of us."

Wyre told how for 72 hours after Maddie vanished in Praia da Luz on May 3 last year the McCanns were certain their daughter was dead.

Their despair has never been made public before - and Wyre blasted critics who insist they have not expressed enough grief.

He said: "For three days, all they could see in their minds was Madeleine lying dead.

"They were in complete agreement she'd been taken by a predator, abused and killed.

"They were certain they would never see her alive again. The image of her lying murdered hardly left them and they expected at any time to receive the news that her body had been found.

"When three days passed and that had not happened, they began to feel the stirring of hope.

"They reasoned it was most likely that if someone had seized her to abuse and kill her, her body would probably have been nearby and would have been found.

"They continue to cling to that hope - but they are also prepared for the worst.

"However, as long as she remains missing I know they will not rest in their efforts to find her."

Wyre also told The People how GP Kate is so dedicated to answering the flood of emails she gets every day about Maddie she sometimes gets up at 4am to deal with them all.

His tribute came as detectives in Portugal finally admitted they could be WRONG in their belief that the McCanns - from Rothley, Leics - were involved in Maddie's disappearance.

Prosecutors had named the couple as official suspects in September.

And since then police have been hellbent on trying to prove Kate and Gerry had hidden their daughter's body after the youngster died in their Algarve holiday apartment.

Investigators even claimed they had enough evidence to charge the couple just three weeks ago.

But yesterday police sources admitted the McCanns may have been telling the truth all along.

And detectives are now set to review the case and quiz all the witnesses again.

The amazing about-turn comes after a British laboratory said DNA tests carried out on blood samples found in the Praia da Luz flat and the couple's hire-car had been inconclusive.

The theory Maddie had been kidnapped was also given another boost last week with the release of a sketch of a possible suspect.

A source told Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas: "There are now two hypotheses on the table - abduction or accidental death.

"There are no concrete proofs to charge the current suspects.

"No line of inquiry can be discounted - but the first hypothesis is the most credible."

The McCanns' family spokesman Clarence Mitchell told The People last night: "We welcome any movement on the part of the police that accepts Madeleine was abducted - because that's what happened.

"It's ridiculous we've had to wait this long for any indication they believe Kate and Gerry are telling the truth.

"The sooner the police realise they don't have a case against them, the sooner they focus on finding Madeleine - which is what this investigation should be about."

By Daniel.Jones@People.Co.Uk Daniel Jones
27 January 2008

Maddie's little brother and sister are learning to cope with their devastating loss by playing a game called Find The Monster Who Snatched Her.

And three-year-old twins Sean and Amelie are also playing a vital role in keeping their mum and dad focused, according to top criminologist Ray Wyre.

He told The People last night: "I think having other very young children has given Kate and Gerry the strength to go on.

"It must be hard for them because the twins are now almost the same age as Maddie was when she was taken.

"But they are clearly a bundle of energy and fun.

"They still talk about Madeleine and even bring her into their games."

Wyre went on: "Kate and Gerry told me they were sitting together the other day when the twins rushed into the room screaming and shouting.

"They asked what they were up to and the twins told them they were going to go and find the monster that took Maddie.

"Then they dashed off to play the game."

He added: "Of course, it's a very sad story.

"But it's healthy that Madeleine remains a real presence in their lives."

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