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Yeremi Vargas: Updates and Speculation

Alleged child kidnapper ordered to prison in Telde, Gran Canaria
By h.b. - Jan 12, 2008 - 9:19 AM

The 37 year old construction worker was identifed in a line up by the ten year old Sandra Domínguez

The instruction judge in the First Instance Court number two in Telde on Gran Canaria, has ordered prison without bail for 37 year old Marcos Javier Rodríguez Cabrera, who was arrested last Thursday in connection with the attempted kidnap of a 10 year old girl, Sandra Domínguez.

Three young girls who have all suffered kidnap attempts took part in a police identification parade on Friday, and the police say they are investigating to see whether the arrested construction worker has any links to the Yeremi Vargas or Sara Morales cases, two children who have both been missing from the island for some time. Sandra’s father has told the press that his daughters hand did not tremble as she identified the accused.

The judge heard how the suspect allegedly tried to lure Sandra Domínguez into his van with five Euros. Sandra however struggled with her assailant and managed to escape, when she alerted her mother, who in turn alerted the police.
The judge questioned Marcos for five hours.

The suspect now faces charges of attempted kidnap, illegal possession of a firearm and the theft of vehicle. A search of his home was carried out and his workplace, an old pet crematorium, was also inspected.

A specialist anthropologist has been called in to identify bones found at the scene, to establish whether they come from animals or humans.

Source: Typically Spanish

A young woman identifies Marcos Rodríguez as the man who tried to rape her in April 2007

The incident happened when she was walking alone along the Valle de los Nueve road, according to La Provincia-Diario of Las Palmas.

A woman aged a little over 20 years,, identified Marcos Rodríguez as the presumed author of the attempted rape that she claims to have suffered in April 2007.

Government delegate confirms that the supposed accomplice of Marcos R has criminal background.

According to the latest information given by Segura today, Marcos R. Was “condemned” in the past for the sexual abuse of his daughter, who was then aged between one and four years. The Canarias Government delegate, José Segura and the chief of Police, Narciso Ortega, have this morning provided more details about the police activity that led to the detention of Marcos R., imprisoned since last Friday for the two criminal acts of abduction attempts and the illicit possession of weapons. Segura said that he could not provide any more information about the man recently detained as Marcos R’s accomplice, who is said to have judicial records for sexual abuse and according to forensic reports, suffers from “personality disorders” and is of “great emotional hardness” and the reports recommend that he “should not be in contact with children”

In Maspalomas the National Police have detained the presumed accomplice of the man accused of the abduction attempt of a young girl in Telde.

The detained man made his declarations in the Central Police Commissariat and could pass to judicial disposition in the next hours.

The Police detained the presumed accomplice of Marcos R yesterday in Maspalomas. The hire contract of the white van used by Marcos is in the name of the second detainee.


White van predator arrested - And speculation mounts over possible crimes

News of yet another bungled attempt to snatch a child from the streets of Gran Canaria struck fear into the hearts of parents and children on the island, haunted as it is by the cases of missing children Sara Morales and Yeremi Vargas whose faces stare out from flyers taped all over the archipelago.

Since then there have been reports of at least two foiled abductions of minors in the island, and one in Tenerife, all of them involving white vans. And eight months before Yeremi’s disappearance in Vecindario a 10-year-old girl was bundled into the back of just such a vehicle in that town and assaulted at knifepoint before she managed to get away.
Then came the report that a 9-year-old, Sandra D.P., had been targeted by the white van predator. She was playing on a street in La Garita, a seaside district of Telde, when the vehicle drew up and the driver asked for directions to the plaza, offering the girl five euros if she got in to direct him.
Sandra pointed out the way but refused to climb into the van. In a flash the driver, whom she later described as dark complexioned and aged about 35, got down, grabbed her by the throat and tried to force her into the back.
Her screams brought her mother, friend and two youths running and the van driver sped off before anyone thought of remembering the registration number.
The news of the new attempted snatch caused a public outcry and the police redoubled their efforts to track down the owner of the white van, something which in the opinion of the general public was long overdue.
Four days after the incident in La Garita police announced that a man had been arrested in connection with the attempted abduction of little Sandra. After that the story gathered momentum of its own and triggered unprecedented speculation in the local media which had no hesitation in immediately linking the case with the disappearance of Sara and Yeremi.
But the inquiry is still, at the time of going to press, at the early stages. The importance with which the police are viewing it is reflected in the sheer numbers of officers engaged on the case. Over forty men and women are currently sifting the evidence.
And sifting it certainly was, as forensic specialists picked over ashes and bone fragments in a pet’s crematorium which the prime suspect, Marcos Rodríguez Cabrera, 37, managed in a run-down warehouse, haunt of drug addicts and dropouts, in an industrial estate in Salinetas.
The Haydee crematorium had been closed for four years, but the oven showed signs of having been used at least once in the past two months, a fact which concentrated the attention of the police in their search of the premises. Police sources say that so far no human remains have been found, nevertheless, the search continues.
As does the examination of the white van used by the suspect and in which it is reported, traces of blood were found. Another van, a blue coloured vehicle which had been stolen, was also discovered at the warehouse.
Little by little the press has been piecing together the history of Rodríguez Cabrera who was picked out by Sandra in an identity parade.
A loner, divorced from his wife who had accused him of physical abuse, it has emerged that he was found guilty some years ago of sexually assaulting his own baby daughter. For that offence he was condemned to 20 months imprisonment, a sentence which he never served owing to an ongoing and protracted appeal.
Rodríguez Cabrera has various convictions to his name and had a brush with Las Palmas council some time ago after neighbours complained of the smell coming from his home. A search by the municipal police revealed the presence of a number of dead and rotting dogs.
A few days after his arrest last week the police, who right from the start had said they were anxious to interview another man, seen by Sandra and others in the van, announced they had arrested another suspect whose identity has not as yet been revealed.
The case is being followed minute-by-minute by the media pack and their reports are being scrutinized intensely by the general public. Whether or not the two suspects will be found to have any connection with the missing children is a matter of patient, painstaking investigation and the authorities are urging circumspection.
Already the British tabloids are on the trail of the story, linking it to Madeleine McCann, which idea, with the best will in the world, would seem at this juncture highly unlikely. The fact is that the authors of the pieces in the Mirror and Express believe Gran Canaria to be but a “short plane or ferry ride from Portugal” speaks volumes. No plane or ferry goes direct to that country from here and it’s hardly a hop either.
In the meantime, Marcos Rodríguez Cabrera remains in jail in Las Palmas, sharing a cell with another inmate, and on suicide watch.
The investigation continues.

Source:Tenerife News

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