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Alípio Ribeiro "drops" Maddie's case

Diário de Notícias*

By admitting that there was "haste" in constituting the parents of Madeleine McCann as arguidos for the disappearance of their daughter nine months ago in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, the Director of the National Judicial Police (PJ), Alípio Ribeiro, will be preparing the public opinion to the possibility that an accusation will not be made due to the lack of conclusive evidence.

The idea is that the positions assumed by the director of PJ in public statements mean that he "has dropped" the case, have admitted to the DN sources that have accompanied the research of Maddie's case from the beginning.

With renown lawyers, both in England and in Portugal, which already exploited the declarations of Alípio Ribeiro, and a professional support, the McCanns may even be relieved of the status of arguidos within months, they are subjected to the minimum measure of coercion established in the Code of Criminal Procedure, the term of identity and residence, for which they indicated their residence in the English city of Rothley. After Alípio Ribeiro has said in an interview to Radio Renascença and Público newspaper that there has been precipitation in the constitution of the couple as arguidos, one of the couple's lawyers Rogerio Alves has said that the defense would ask that Kate and Gerry McCann stopped being arguidos in the process, which has as first arguido the Portuguese-British Robert Murat.

Possible filling

The consequent filling of the process could be the way forward, in a much more pessimistic perspective of sources connected to the issue that were contacted by the DN, although the PJ at Algarve continues committed to unveil the mystery, keeping as a stronger line of research the thesis of accidental death of the English child in the apartment 5A of the "Ocean Club" in Praia da Luz. That's why the words of Alípio Ribeiro have caused discomfort within the judicial police.

If the process is filed, for many will remain the belief that there was "one hundred percent political pressure" by the British. As the DN already said, a sense of "rebellion" continues installed between researchers face the recent statements made by Alípio Ribeiro, although the national director of the PJ has tried to appease them with an apology, trying to make believe that he was misunderstood when he spoke the word "precipitation" concerning the constitution of the couple as arguidos.

"I do not know if there will be arrests"

However, this was not the only reference to the case made by Alípio Ribeiro. In an interview published in the weekly newspaper Expresso on the 17/11/2007, after considering that "we work now better than at the beginning of the investigation," with "more restraint and calm," the national director of Judicial Police had left a warning: " I do not know if there will be arrests in Maddie's case. "

A position contradicted by investigators, to whom there are evidence that could lead to the arrest of Kate McCann for suspicion of involvement in the death and concealment of the body of her daughter, body who could have been buried or thrown at the sea in a bag.

Although Alípio Ribeiro has made these successive public statements - first, that arrests would not be made in Maddie's case and then that there was precipitation in the constitution of the McCanns as arguidos - the PJ never believed in the version of abduction transmitted by parents and these were constituted arguidos in September after the British sniffer dogs flagged several locations where the corpse of Madeleine McCann passed through from the apartment where she was spending holidays with her parents and twin brothers to the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, towards the beach.

Portuguese justice minister backs police chief in Madeleine McCann case

The justice minister gave his backing to the PJ's national director who said investigators acted hastily in naming the parents of British girl Madeleine McCann as suspects in her disappearance last year.

"The fact that (the police officer) is still in his job indicates what I think about that matter," Justice Minister Alberto Costa told reporters, declining to elaborate.

*Translation by Li


  1. Shame on them,they made their minds up weeks after Maddie went missing that it was her parents to blame,it is not presure from from the british to close this case but from the goverment and locals of portugal that are only worried about their tourist trade,as it is now the time when most people book their summer holiday.
    Well as i have said in the past anybody thinking of going there should think again,the people there only want you money and dont care about you or your childrens safety.

  2. Have you forgotten who left a 3 year old child alone and two toddlers in an unlocked apartment? It's an hypocrisy that you comment on the Portuguese who do not leave their children alone and support the McCanns behaviour, it's even more bizarre that you think that people are going to boycott Portugal over a situation that was caused by gross negligence and a actual crime under Portuguese Law by a British couple, in fact the opposite happened and tourism is up. You and your xenophobia have no place in Portugal. Thank you for not visiting us.


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