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Balloons released in Huelva for the safe return of Mari Luz

The parents of the missing five year old were at the head of a protest march held in the city on Tuesday afternoon

White balloons were released into the sky in the Plaza de los Niños Bosnios in Huelva on Tuesday, for the safe return of five year old Mari Luz, who went missing in the city on 13th January. Her parents, Juan José Cortés and Irene Suárez, were at the head of a demonstration which marched from their home in the district of El Torrejón to La Orden, supported by the hundred people who accompanied them on the march.

Hundreds more were waiting in the square in La Orden, where a manifesto from local associations was read out, calling for Mari Luz to be set free. A minute’s silence was held before the balloons were released.

Juan José Cortés thanked all those who have shown their support and said it means that the family has never felt alone. He spoke of his hopes that his daughter would soon be home, and called on whoever may be holding Mari Luz to either release her or to contact the family.

The family have set up a web page, www.mariluzcortes.es, which quotes numbers for any information on the five year old, and gives details of bank account for donations to help them in their search.

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