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Faces analysis techniques point to failures in the McCanns description

24 Horas
"The kidnapping thesis is ludicrous"

3D Video, made by the team Paulo Sargento and Pedro Gamito ridicules the McCanns photo-fits.

The work was made during a week by the forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento in partnership with the technological engineer Pedro Gamito.The team juxtaposed the three photo-fits that existed from the presumable kidnapper and work them in 20 programs of faces analysis.
And dismounted the kidnapping thesis, "The kidnapping thesis is ludicrous" defends Paulo Sargento.

The video begins with the first image of the kidnapper (the faceless man) walking with the kid in his arms. In the subtitles, in English, the researcher questions: "How can the first description of the kidnapper be so vague? 1,70 meters high, dark skin, Mediterranean hair. Six months after the first description a second image: "Is it possible not to see the face of someone that carries a child and notice the beige trousers the brown jacket and the classic shoes?"

The video shows "the intuition form of looking to someone that carries a child".You look from the waist to the head and not from the waist to the feet.

Eight months after, the last photo fit the face of the man with beard and long hair. "We show that this photo-fit is inconsistent with the first one. Curiously it keeps the brown jacket and the dark hair, the only common characteristics", referred to 24 Horas Paulo Sargento.

"Neanderthal style"

The "superciliary arcades" (the frontal cranium behind the eyebrows) are the style of the Neanderthal man and point to an archetype of the criminal" the forensic psychologist comments. "This means that is a hybrid photo fit made to give an appearance from the region of the Maghreb. But why must the kidnapper be from Morocco, Spain or Portugal and cannot be Anglo-Saxon? It would even make more sense to be someone who knew the family routine", he concluded. If the PJ wants to use the video it is available on the Internet.

Like a Murder...
Dec 05, 2007
The criminal psychologist Paulo Sargento tried to recreate in a virtual setting what happened in the night that Madeleine McCann disappeared. He took as a starting point the chronology of the events made by the Newspaper Public...

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