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Family say they will sell their property to pay a reward for missing Mari Luz

The Cortés family say they will pay 150,000 euros for any reliable information on the whereabouts of the five old

The family of five year old Mari Luz, the young girl who disappeared from Huelva on 13th January as she was returning home from the local sweets kiosk, have announced a reward for any ‘reliable’ information which could lead to her being found. Luis Molina, spokesman for the Cortés family, gave the news in a press conference on Thursday afternoon, and gave the amount as 150,000 €.

He said the family would raise the funds by selling off their property.

He called on the public to be aware of the enormous effort this would mean for Mari Luz’s family, and ‘not to play with their good intentions and their hopes.’ All they want, he said, is to find their daughter safe and sound. The family have set up a web page for donations, www.mariluzcortes.es, which also quotes numbers for any information on the missing five year old.

Mari Luz’s mother, Irene Suárez, made an emotional plea for whoever is holding her daughter to ‘let her go. If they want the reward money all they have to do is say so and they’ll have it.’ She begged anyone who may have any information to not to be afraid to go to the police.

This weekend will be three weeks since Mari Luz was last seen. Searches will take place in Huelva and Moguer on Saturday, and a sit-down protest in Huelva City on Avenida de Andalucía on Sunday afternoon. Luis Montero also announced a new protest march which takes place in Seville on 11th February, EFE said.

Mariluz en el momento de su desaparición vestía con una camiseta rosa y unos leotardos del mismo color y una falda vaquera.

Fue vista por última vez en su barrio, El Torrejón de Huelva, a las 17:30 horas del domingo 13 de enero de 2008.

La colaboración ciudadana es fundamental para encontrarla. Por favor, si tienes alguna pista comunícalo urgentemente a la Guardia Civil, a la Policía,participando en este blog… escribiendo al correo:


O llamando a estos teléfonos familares:

655 15 97 76 - 630 36 32 02

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