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Inspectors of Maddie's case unmotivated

Diário de Notícias

The atmosphere within the core of the Judiciary Police (PJ) in the Algarve is very tense, after the PJ’s national director, Alípio Ribeiro, admitted "precipitation" in making the McCanns as “arguidos”, back in September 2007, for the suspicion of their involvement in the disappearance of their daughter in Praia da Luz, Lagos.

"Everyone is outraged and we feel unmotivated. What he said is not true. It’s just politics and nothing else that is behind all this", said sources connected to the process, who feel in that in the words of Alípio Ribeiro a certificate of "incompetence" was given to the work undertaken so far by the Judiciary Police pertaining to "Maddie's case." Curiously, with the knowledge and consensus of the Public Ministry and of the British police, who has always followed the process.

The statements of PJ’s national director, to the radio program “Diga lá Excelência” of “Rádio Renascença” and to the “Público” newspaper, are causing some polemic debate, specifically in the midst of the judiciary sphere with several judiciary officers criticizing severely Alípio Ribeiro and with the General Prosecution Office stating that the situation of Madeleine's parents will be evaluated "at the right time". This after the couple’s requested to have their “arguido” status lifted in the sequence of Alípio Ribeiro’s words.

The statements of PJ’s national director that there was precipitation were unpleasantly received among the inspectors who follow the case and they take a critical significance to the investigation, particularly at a time when the inspectors are preparing to play a decisive card in England, in the sequence of the rogatory letters for questioning the couple and the seven friends that dined with them at the Tapas restaurant, about 30 meters from the apartment of the Ocean Club resort.

The purpose of that, is to try to "make clear" once and for all, the situations that occurred in the evening of May 3, and as well investigate the "contradictions" in the statements given to the PJ by the parents of the child and their friends.

In the travel to the United Kingdom the Inspectors will also seize Kate McCann's diary to be used as evidence in court, in which Maddie’s mum speaks of her difficulty in handling a hyperactive daughter. Another object of interest for the investigation is the famous pink cuddly toy that the girl had always in her possession and that was put on view by the mother in Praia da Luz. The English sniffer dogs, experts in detecting cadaver scent reacted upon that object, which strengthened the suspicions of the police surrounding the death of Madeleine, after having expressed the same alert signal in the apartment from where the child was taken.

The PJ never believed in the kidnap version given by the parents and they were made arguidos in September after the English dogs sensed various locations where the corpse of Maddie passed through, from the apartment to the Church of Our Lady of Light [commonly known as Igreja da Luz (Luz Church)] in direction to the beach. How she disappeared and why are explanations that are yet to be revealed.

ASFIC does not comment on the statements given by the PJ’s National Director

The Criminal Investigation Officers' Union (ASFIC) of the PJ refused to comment on the last declarations of the national director on the Maddie’s case, considering that the silence has more power than any comment.

« In this moment, the silence of the Union has more power than any word », told Carlos Anjos, president of the ASFIC, to the Lusa news agency.

« Our silence has a special meaning », highlighted Carlos Anjos.

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