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Inspectors still waiting for the rogatory letters

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On-site investigation stopped for over a month

Inspectors waiting for the rogatory letters

The Policia Judiciaria's on-site investigation into the Maddie case has been on a standby for over a month, since late December. In January, as far as DN was able to establish, the only diligences that were carried out were mainly related to the photofit and were discrete and informal. This happens at a time when the PJ awaits a green light from the English authorities to watch the interrogations of the McCann couple and their friends that were spending holidays with them in Praia da Luz, where the child disappeared from, following the rogatory letters from the Public Ministry that were again sent to England in January. And at a time when it is stated that the investigation is maintained "with the same intensity" both on the theory of the child's accidental death and concealment of the body by her parents, and on the abduction theory. It is also remembered that yesterday, in Parliament, the minister of Justice guaranteed that the recent statement from the PJ's director saying that there was precipitation in the constitution of arguidos, did not affect the investigation. But the same investigation, as far as diligences on the terrain are concerned, is stalled.

The last movements of the PJ in Praia da Luz, surrounded with utmost discretion, took place during the last week of January, when inspectors approached, in an informal way at the hairdresser's where she works, the present partner of Joaquim Marques, the individual whose physiognomy is similar to that of the photofit that had been released, only a few days earlier, by the McCann couple about the alleged suspect of involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine. As DN was able to establish at that time, it was that person, British citizen Rabecca Barnes, who led the police to the house where the couple lives, in the rural area of Barao de Sao Joao, in the council of Lagos. But early on, the PJ dismissed the involvement of Joaquim Marques, aged 30, who had been condemned for raping a young English citizen in Praia da Luz, in 1996, in the disappearance of Maddie.

Approximately two weeks before that diligence, in early January, the investigators spent five minutes in an informal conversation in a parking lot in Praia da Luz, with an English gardener, after an anonymous email had been sent to British newspapers and to the PJ, associating him to the scenario of Maddie's abduction, because of being a "weird" person. The PJ, that did not even consider the possibility of summoning the man for an interrogation, did not attribute any credibility to this lead, as it is suspected that the email that denounced the gardener was sent by someone who had had personal problems with the person.

The Spanish detective agency Metodo3, which was hired by the McCann couple from October 2007 until March 2008, with the purpose of finding Maddie, continues to hear local residents in the Algarve (and elsewhere). For these investigators, no information in any part of the world can be dismissed. Portugal and Morocco are the countries where presently Metodo 3 intensifies its investigations.

The process concerning the rogatory letters, which include approximately fourty questions, is now regarded as the PJ's last trump card to avoid the archiving of the Madeleine case, especially after the tests on the blood that was found in the apartment and in the car that was rented by the parents revealed themselves as inconclusive.

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