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Judiciary police 'will not give up' on Rui Pedro

Investigation is kept on Secret of Justice for more three Months

Rui Pedro Mendonça vanished in 1998, when he was 11 years old, in the northern Portuguese town of Lousada.

The Judiciary Police keeps on working in the case of Rui Pedro, the boy from Lousada who disappeared mysteriously in March of 1998. Indication of that is the fact that yesterday was announced that the process is going to continue in the secrecy of Justice for more three months.

“I requested for this decision to be taken since there are still diligences currently to be done by the Judiciary Police, and those must not be interrupted at this moment ”, said to 24horas Ricardo Sá Fernandes, the lawyer of Rui Pedro’s family.

Sá Fernandes, declared last October that the Police are following a new line of enquiry that can lead to news regarding the whereabouts of Rui Pedro.

But he preferred not to advance which type of leads are being followed. “It is completely in the hands of the Public Prosecution Office”, he said to 24horas.

The mother of Rui Pedro (Filomena Teixeira) did not add further comments on this subject, she only said – “it’s my lawyer who is taking care of everything”.

While in Portugal, the McCanns were contacted by the family of Rui Pedro, they never replied to the letter that was sent to them.

As well as Rui Pedro, none of the other 12 Portuguese missing children are listed at the Portuguese Page of ICMEC (International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children), except for Madeleine McCann.

Name: Rui PedroTeixeira Mendonça.
Today's Age: 21 years old
Birthdate: 28.01.1987.
Sex: Male.
Eyes Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Brown.
Vanished on the: 04.03.1998 at 14:00
From: Lousada (Portugal).
For More Information: http://www.ruipedro.net/

A new image of Rui Pedro - a computer-based picture of how he would look today - elaborated by Scotland Yard, with the agreement of Policia Judiciaria.

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