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Maddie case: Investigation depends on the English

Correio da Manhã

The investigation of ‘Maddie’ case ’ is, for the time being, stopped, since it is dependent of an answer from the English, said to the Correio da Manhã a source from the Public Prosecution Service (PGR).

The rogatory letters – written in straight cooperation with the British authorities – were sent (for the second time) in the beginning of January for England through the Eurojust (system that does the connection between the European departments of Justice) and they are still being analyzed.

The PGR does not know how much time this impasse is going to take; said the same source to the newspaper CM.

Only after the rogatory letters are appreciated, the Judiciary will know if there will be further steps to resolve the case of the British child who disappeared on May 3rd, in the Village of Luz, in the Algarve.

While the English do not give answers, the case continues in secrecy of justice and the inquiries to eight elements that were in the famed dinner in the night of the mysterious disappearance are in stand by.

Kate and Gerry McCann and Robert Murat, the prime suspects who might be involved in some way in the crime, continue with their arguido status.

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