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Maddie: Police Conducting a Battle between David and Goliath

SOS Maddie
by Duarte Levy

Maddie: Police conducting a battle between David and Goliath

"In the McCann inquiry given the obstacles that have been created in the United Kingdom, the better tactic would have been to continue the investigation without naming the parents as arguidos," said a source from the PJ about statements of their National Director, adding that "at the moment the investigation has become a battle between David and Goliath."

The National Director of the Judicial Police (PJ), Alípio Ribeiro, considered yesterday that there had been "haste" in constituting Kate and Gerry McCann as arguidos in the disappearance of their daughter. Alipio Ribeiro also confirms that the right direction is being followed by investigators and that this is an investigation and we must be patient.

The statements by the Director of the PJ were made during the recording of the "Diga Lá Excelência" a radio program on Rádio Renascença which will be broadcast tomorrow afternoon, in which he is questioned by journalists and Paula Paiva Celso Torres.

Police asked "to act with humanity"

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann, answered rapidly to the statements by the National Director of the Judicial Police stating that the couple had "very well received comments from Alipio Ribeiro in which he accepts that Portuguese police officers Portuguese under his authority had acted in haste in designating the McCanns as official suspects." Clarence Mitchell went further, and even before full knowledge of Alipio Ribeiro's interview, invited the Portuguese authorities to remove their status as arguidos, with "humanity."

The former director of the British Media Monitoring Unit, who became head of public relations for the McCann couple, responded via the Find Madeleine web site, which now has a new design. The site has adopted a more low-key look and more pink, maintaining the sale of bracelets and T-shirts but no longer [reporting] the financial situation of the Madeleine Fund.

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