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Maddie's Case: British are Silent regarding the Rogatory Letters

24 Horas
Investigators of Maddie's case are waiting

The Public Prosecutor of the Portimão's court, José Cunha de Magalhães e Menezes as well as the team that conducts the investigations concerning Madeleine McCann are losing their patience with the delay of the British authorities in giving green light to the execution of the rogatory letter, sent more than two weeks ago to that country. "This is reaching unacceptable proportions. In a case like this, if there was cooperation, the rogatory letter would be fulfilled in less than a month. This is going on since October last year with the English returning the letter and making mere bureaucratic demands. We already sent a new rogatory more than two weeks ago and the only thing we have is the silence of the police and diplomatic authorities", said a responsible connected to the process. "Like this is difficult to make an investigation", concluded the source connected to the investigation.

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