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Maddie's Case: The French lead takes nowhere!

Melissa Fiering: Claims she saw Madeleine with a 'tall, swarthy man'
What are the chances that Melissa "15 minutes of fame" witness is actually a member of HTFM and that her assignment was to report a sighting however unlikely it was?

Enfants Kidnappés

In spite of information disclosed by "Hart van Nederland", the French lead does not take to Madeleine. In effect, contacted, the police station confirms have made its inquiry into place. The identity of the pseudo Madeleine is well-known to the police forces as well as the identity of the individual who was with her. They have no report, naturally, from the small girl, Madeleine. Authorities did not make ‘news waves’ with this inquest. First, because there was no reason to media-hype a check which promised to be improbable... In effect, they imagined that an "abductor" would hardly go to a restaurant with a little girl so mediatised and allow her to dance! Then, because validations of this kind are simple: Verify, make a complete investigation, draw conclusions from it, and then send the whole assessment to Portugal in the framework of an international judicial collaboration. It is about the nth time someone claimed to having seen Madeleine alive. Every time, the sightings did not take anywhere.

In spite of this information Clarence Mitchell didn't waste any time giving interviews about this far-fetched sighting.

Feb. 20: MSNBC's Peter Alexander talks with McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell about a possible sighting of missing Madeleine McCann.

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  1. This 18 year old was 6 feet away and she claimed she saw Madeleine's iris. This was the stupid mistake she made when she called the authorities. Apart from that dear old Clarence made a big deal out of this on CNN. The McCann's are still aiming at the US "market" for donations.


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