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Maddie's Case: Melissa Fiering Sketch

Mirror: This is the first image of the man a student claims she saw with Madeleine McCann in a cafe. (the mirror doesn't have the image online anymore, why?)

Melissa Firing, 18, described the dark-skinned male to sketch artist Emre Altin, 28, exclusively for the Mirror.
(yet again not an official Police sketch but something commissioned by a pro McCann Tabloid)

Speaking at her home in Nijmegen, Holland, yesterday, the travel and tourism student said of the police-style e-fit: "This is definitely an accurate likeness of the man I saw.
(Even a 9 year old would draw better than this supposedly sketch)

"I'd recognise him straight away if the police found him."
(If she had a line-up of 6 Algerian man I really doubt she could recognize the man)

Melissa said the person she saw in Montpellier, southern France, was about 6ft, in his late 30s, possibly Algerian, with slightly receding hair and a distinctive sharp jaw line. He wore a black leather jacket and "looked quite rough".
(Yes it's a common thing for baddies in movies to use black leather jackets.. like in the independent movie Dark Rider)

Reacting angrily to reports from France that the latest sighting of Madeleine should not be taken seriously, Melissa added: "I am absolutely positive this was her. I would not make these kind of statements to draw attention to myself. (maybe for the 1 million reward?)

"I have not been able to think about anything else since. I was upset by this story so I would not do this to create confusion. I feel very sorry for Madeleine's parents." (and for Madeleine?)

According to Melissa, the girl she and a friend saw last Friday night had the same flaw as Madeleine in the iris of her right eye and looked up when she called out the missing child's name.
(look into my eyes campaign was effective)

The man took the girl out of the premises. The authorities have not contacted Melissa since she viewed CCTV footage filmed in the restaurant. (Et Voilà! )

Note: There are over three million French of Algerian descent nowadays living in France.

Meanwhile the McCanns demand to see the CCTV Footage:

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, says: We want to see the video of this girl. We want to hear from the French police about what they have investigated and what they have decided."

French police have not officially discounted that it is Madeleine so we're still waiting to hear whether they believe this to be the case.

"Even if the police believe it is not Madeleine, Kate and Gerry would still like to see the video and would hope to be able to do this as a priority.

"The reports that this may not be Madeleine are obviously a great disappointment.

"If the French police can categorically assure us it is not her then we will have to take their word for it, but despite this they should let Kate and Gerry see the footage. This is their daughter we are talking about."

Mr. Mitchell statement was made even after the French police have ruled out the possibility it wasn't the missing four-year-old in the video footage.

On Wednesday a French police official said investigators had examined CCTV footage from the restaurant and determined it was not Madeleine.

French police have tracked down the man after the number plate of his car appeared on the video footage.

A police spokesman said: "We located the driver after his number plate appeared on video footage taken at the service station provided a plausible explanation of what he was doing there with a young child."

"As far as we are concerned, this matter is now cleared up."

A police official in France would only say that the girl did not appear to be held against her will.

"These tapes are not very usable," the official said, adding that "nothing can guarantee the result" of even a close study.

Montpellier prosecutor Jean Philippe said the tapes could be turned over today to British authorities, who must make a specific demand.

Let us see if the tapes to be sent to the British authorities will take as long as the Home Office answer for the notorious rogatory letters.

From Melissa Firing Blog (a rough translation):
Tuesday, 22:25

Dear People!

First, I would like you to thank them all for you dear messages on me Hyves site!
I stand look at of the how many people reacting to what I have done and how much I get good responses.
I am very impressed, I must say… Super of you!

Since I am but an everyday, ordinary girl, who never hurries itself, which have almost no experience, I am very shocked and concerned when I saw the girl in the restaurant in Montpellier, France ..

The little girl reacted to its name, and had the same problem eyes which Maddie McCann also has. The man who was with her, at this moment grabbed the little girl and the coat, the cap on the head, and then quickly walked away..
I have tried to photograph them with my tel. However because two walked away my image was blurred..

Because I found these two things very strange and my feeling said that this was not correct, I asked the woman of the restaurant the alarm number directly.

I then called half hour on hold before, a different number called, and eventually I came into conversation with a policeman.

Five minutes later he stood at the restaurant and questioned me. I have immediately given my data and e-mail to him.

I had hereinafter into images inside the camera view and the man and girl mhet? designate. I was in shock, and I cry for a while. Also then I the pictures saw and the police force man the face of the little girl inzoemde?.

Since we heard nothing of the French police force, my mother called to heart of the Netherlands gemaild, which immediately came to my house on Sunday.

I was the same see evening on Sbs6.
Monday the Gelderlander, a province newspaper, has called me and they also wanted an interview and photo shoot. Of course I said yes, because I want that child to be found.

I was very popular on the redaction therefore the programme Vermist took also contact with me by means of heart of the Netherlands.
They have French colleagues, therefore they want also gladly cooperate to find Dear Maddie.

Furthermore, the French police mailed me that I had to list the whole story and that is what I have done.

Hereafter I have on one's own initiative gotten in touch with the reaserch team of Maddie Maccan.

I still wait their message.
It attracts me very much at all, because I love children and I am a very sensitive person…

I have always been hated at school, because I am a good student, who does not smoke, does not drink, is not on drugs and gets good grades.
I am brought up without father. I am always the outsider of everything.

However, crazy, that I have now all of a sudden friends, on school then. But I do prick through.

I have seen this many afgelope? year, a lot relatives dead, Mama sick, me sick brother, so yes I am more sensitive. And no, I am not embarrassed.

This proves again that I have a heart, if I had no heart, I had not called the police, and not continue to call even though I was half hours abroad on hold, and I had my story not after the Media with so much effort.

I heard that the matter of Dear Maddie was already closed. Thanks to me the borders, toll ways and air-traffic have been that day turned off, and the matter have been reopened. These must remain open also!

Dear Maddie must trug where she hears.
That is at its family.
The culprit will be caught .

And there put on everything, to be able prove this.
I Dont forget about Maddie… I Dont forget about MAddie ...


Maddie's Case: The French lead takes nowhere!

Madeleine in France ?


  1. Why are the McCanns not on a plane to France to check this out for themselves.

  2. Same reason they never went to check anywhere else.
    I think some people must be starting to resign themselves to a certain fate.
    There is only so long you can stay buoyant in stormy water, eventually you have to let go and let God.

  3. 16:29

    The McCanns are not going to France, because there is nothing there. No truth whatsoever for the "sighting". The French police realised Firing was lying when she told them, she saw the child's iris from 6 feet away. Wake up people.

  4. a story about a sad dutch girl in need of attention.... (I know... I'm dutch!)...

  5. http://tinyurl.com/2yj368

    She's been spotted over in the UK now!


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