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Madeleine in France ?

Enfants Kidnappés
A dutch 18 year old is 100% certain she has seen Madeleine McCann.

According to "Hart van Nederland" - see the video on the link - a young adult of 18 years, Melissa Fiering living in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, is certain, 100%, she has seen Madeleine McCann in France. She would have seen the little one in a restaurant in Montpellier last friday. Melissa declares: "I have seen the little one. I recognised her immediately. At first I could not believe it, I said to myself it can not be her. She was at (a distance of) 2 or 3 meters from me. She began dancing to the sound of my portable. I have very well seen her eyes and I have recognised her eye. She was in the company of a big man, about 1.80 (high). There were surveillance cameras that have filmed everything." The young woman has then called the French police. She has been interrogated. The police have given the alarm and the border control has been reenforced. Let us (take) note that this information is not, at this hour, confirmed by the French authorities.

Paulo Reis in Gazeta Digital reported: Where are the next targets ?

The site “Helping to Find Madeleine”, the only site sponsored by the McCann official site, is recruiting people fluent in French and Portuguese. One of the emails sent in this recruitment drive asks for a detailed explanation of computer knowledge and free time available, from the candidates.

The group behind this site is building an international network of supporters of the innocence of the McCanns, aimed at fighting against blogs and online sites that are not sympathetic to the couple from Rothley. With mainstream Media under control, in UK, McCann supporters are increasingly worried with the impact that a few bloggers have in the Media campaign.

Could this be an attempt from the HTFM ?

Latest in the campaign by helping to find madeleine, the main official site off the findmadeleine site. You need to answer this questionnaire so they can assess your skills. Questionnaire wil be be sent to you when you apply.

"To help us with assigning you a task most suitable to your skills please take the time to answer the following questions. When answering them, please bear in mind that many of us have personal skills which we take for granted but which may be very useful. Please take a moment to consider your wider skills – base, personal and work.

Please see questionnaire below:

Are you familiar with MS Office applications?
Do you use the computer a lot or little?
Do you enjoy researching on the net?
What type of work you do you do?
Do you have any particular skills or knowledge that might be useful (research, journalism, marketing, creative design, IT, public speaking)?
Do you have a working knowledge of any foreign languages? (spoken/written/degree of fluency)
Do you know of anyone living in France?
Do you have any local knowledge of France?
Where do you live?
Is there anything in particular of interest to you or you consider you would be. good at doing?
Would you be happy for us to contact you by telephone? If so please let me know your tel. no. It will be kept confidentially by me and will only be used if you give your express permission to use it
Realistically how much time can you commit to helping us (hours/daily/weekly)? We value you as an active member of our group and appreciate the amount of time you commit-large or small - some people do 30 mins daily, its all fine, all we ask is that you are realistic about it. "


Feb 19, 2008

The McCann's 'Cyberwarriors' aka McCannisters Helping To Find Madeleine (HTFM) is pleased to announce that it has undertaken a further mailing project to raise awareness of the disappearnace of Madeleine McCann, Yeremi Vargas and Mari ...

Dec 04, 2007

One element of the McCann PR operation is to organize teams of 'cyberwarriors':Our group is called 'Helpingtofind Madeleine'. We have many members, all people who have contacted us stating their willingness to help in some way. ...

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