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Madeleine: PJ returned to the Ocean Club

24 Horas

Inspectors carried out five new interrogations

The investigations into the case of the disappearance of Madeleine are not stalled. And they can be extended for another three months.

The Polícia Judicíaria returned, last week, to the Ocean Club, the resort from where Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007. 24Horas was able to establish that the PJ's investigators went to hear five witnesses that had already given their depositions within the investigation.

According to senior officials in the PJ, these are normal investigative procedures. "Diligences have been carried out every day. A team of twenty investigators remains on the case, led by superior coordinator Paulo Rebelo. Several questionings have been repeated and the statements are being duly analysed to try to find some lead that might open a new investigation line", a judicial official that is connected to the investigations guaranteed to 24Horas yesterday.

Michaela's boyfriend questioned again

24Horas was able to establish that one of the persons that were questioned again was the boyfriend of Robert Murat's ex-partner, Michaela Walkzuch, a Portuguese man who used to clean the Ocean Club's pools, called Luis Antonio.

Apart from that, the PJ still waits for the McCanns and the friends with whom they had dinner on the evening of the disappearance to be subject to new interrogations, in fulfilment of the rogatory letter that was sent by the Portuguese authorities. The same judicial source also stressed that a new request to the instruction judge at the Portimão Court, Pedro Frias, who holds the process, is being pondered, to extend the investigation deadline for an additional 90 days, if there is not a brief response to the aforementioned letter.

They can rest assured

The McCanns can rest assured concerning the investigations into the disappearance of their daughter, because they will not be closed until it is discovered what really happened to the child, an investigator of the case promised to 24Horas. "An investigation of this type is always open and all the clues that keep appearing are duly investigated", he guaranteed.

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