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Magistrate asks for the silence of the PJ’s National Director

Investigation: Suspicion over couple continues

The experience of Alípio Ribeiro as a magistrate "might" have taken him to do “another assessment”, he told (yesterday) the Rádio Renascença regarding the decision of the Public prosecution Office (MP) in constituting the McCanns arguidos. While a source close to the national director of the PJ said to the CM that when he spoke of “hastiness”, he was misinterpreted, the president of the Union of the Magistrates of the MP reacted: “I do not know if he is right or wrong, but this conduct of speaking on open processes is extremely worrying”.

António Cluny underlines that he does not know the process, but what most “worries him is to see that the key persons in charge of judicial institutions do not keep to themselves about open cases – which can lead precisely to misinterpretations”. And he leaves an implicit appeal to the director of the PJ, “so that this type of situations are not repeated: constraint and formality in the speech” from now on.

Nevertheless, the CM knows the suspicions of PJ on the McCanns for the eventual death of their daughter are sustained. And a source close to Alípio Ribeiro says that the words of the director were in the sense that, if Kate and Gerry had been maintained witnesses, as they would become under the new penal prosecution code (CPP), “perhaps they should not have left so soon for England. And they would be more cooperative with the Justice”.

On the day in which the PJ decided to hold tight the siege to the McCanns, with searches, expert examinations and interrogations of 11 hours to Kate for example, “there wasn’t another hypothesis, only to constitute them as arguidos” – we were on the 7th of September and the new CPP came into effect a week later. The current law obliges that there must be “established suspicions” so that someone is given arguido status and, up to the 15th of September, “any suspicions that existed obliged to that constitution".

The suspects were benefited with the measure taken and “the investigation was damaged”. If the MP had waited for a week for the new law, “it would be possible to keep them as witnesses and they would be more cooperatives with the proceeding inquest”.

Instead of that, one has assisted for the past two months at an attempt of interrogation to the friends of the couple, through the rogatory letters which, according to what CM advanced in the last week, have not yet lef from the General Prosecution of the Republic (PGR).

Diário de Noticías Reports

When the mother of Maddie was heard on 6 and 7 September,at the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of Portimão of the PJ, several inspectors wanted to arrest her. However, the public prosecutor of Portimão, José Magalhães e Menezes, objected to. Even so, and already after Gerry and Kate have returned to the United Kingdom, some researchers involved in the process maintained the conviction that they have evidence that could lead to the preventive arrest of the couple. Only the political pressure from the British have prevented them from going further.

The DN found, that there are people in the PJ that understand that the new declarations of Alípio Ribeiro are nothing more than a situation of bluff, and were only meant to "test waters".

In the interpretation of some inspectors,when the national director of the Judicial Police talked about "precipitation" in the constitution of Madeleine's parents as defendants, that still remain subjected to Term of identity and residence in England, he did it to "see what were the reactions of the McCanns and also the Portuguese. "*

*Thanks Li for the DN translation

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