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McCann Case: Minister protects Alípio

Correio da Manhã

Criticism to the Director of the Judiciary Police has spread to all sectors of Justice and Politics. The Socialist Jorge Coelho, pundit of the program SIC 'Quadratura do Circulo’, says that he doesn’t want the resignation of Alípio Ribeiro, but considers the statements by the top director of PJ, concerning Maddie’s case, "extremely unfortunate. They created a situation much worse than there was before [the investigation] - and someone has to clarify this. "

Judges, prosecutors from the Public Ministry, senior officers and former directors of the PJ, as CM has advanced, all pointed out that the explanations of Alípio Ribeiro to Rádio Renascença were very serious. They agreed that, to say publicly that there was "hastiness" from his subordinates and from the Public Ministry in making the McCanns as arguidos, have put in question the investigation. The core accusation made to Alípio Ribeiro is the breach of the Duty of Secrecy on a pending investigation, precisely the motive that took the director of the Judiciary Police to dismiss from the inquest, back in October, the PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral.

However Alberto Costa, Minister of Justice and personal friend of Alípio Ribeiro, reiterated yesterday: "The fact that (the police officer) is still in his job indicates what I think about that matter" After Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Pacheco Pereira is another critic voice from the PSD on Alípio: "He caused an severe damage to the image of the PJ. He should be dismissed." Lobo Xavier agrees:" The frivolity on making these comments is not advisable from someone who leads a police investigation. "The frivolity on making those comments dissuades that he can lead an investigative police

Press attacks

The overview of the English press echoes the statements of the of the national director of PJ and draws conclusions: The 'Telegraph' says the Portuguese police is preparing to close the Maddie case; The 'Daily Mail' and the 'Sun' claim that the authorities will clear the couple McCann and that the case will never be solved, while the 'Daily Mirror' makes a title with an apology from Alípio Ribeiro to Kate and Gerry for the damages police has caused them.

Letters are on the way

The rogatory letters with requests to do questionings to the McCann’s friends have finally made it to England, a police source stated to the CM. The letters that were returned to the General Prosecution Office, giving rise to a disagreement between the Home Office and the Eurojust, have were sent again. The PJ has waited for the interviews for more than two months.

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