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McCann Case: Statements of Alipio Ribeiro and Reactions

RTP2 Channel, 03.02.08

Alípio Ribeiro on McCann's Case (original statement): Question: Do you consider or not that there was a precipitation in establishing Kate and Gary (the journalist doesn’t say Gerry) as arguidos (suspects) in this process?

Alípio Ribeiro: In this moment, at this point in time, with the experience that I have of the magistracy from the Public Ministry… even, as you may know the constitution of arguidos in the processes are not… the director of the Judiciary, doesn’t give orders, constitute or not constitute, and he cannot. …maybe, there should have been another assessment. For that I have no doubts.

Question: There was some precipitation then?

Alípio Ribeiro: There was some precipitation. (asserting)

SIC News, 05.02.08

Statement of Judge Rui Rangel: "He offends the police and the public prosecutor"
"The statements of the director of the PJ are hasty,serious and not needed. They show a total absence of responsibility and offend the credibility of the PJ and the Public Prosecutor".

SIC, 06.02.2008

Statements from Alípio Ribeiro, Director of Judiciary Police and reactions from Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Judge António Martins, President of ASJP: "They are complicated statements, internally in the PJ, in the relation of that police with the Public Prosecutor and to him personally" said Antonio Martins. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: “He killed the investigation when he said there was haste in making the McCann's arguidos in the case.”

SIC, 06.02.2008

Statements from the political commentators Jorge Coelho (PS) and Pacheco Pereira (PSD): The Socialist Jorge Coelho, pundit of the program SIC 'Quadratura do Circulo’, says that he doesn’t want the resignation of Alípio Ribeiro, but considers the statements by the top director of PJ, concerning Maddie’s case, "extremely unfortunate. They created a situation much worse than there was before [the investigation] - and someone has to clarify this. " Pacheco Pereira is another critic voice from the PSD on Alípio: "He caused an severe damage to the image of the PJ. He should be dismissed." Lobo Xavier agrees:" The frivolity on making these comments is not advisable from someone who leads a police investigation. "The frivolity on making those comments dissuades that he can lead an investigative police."

SIC, 06.02.2008

Minister of Justice Alberto Costa Statement: Alberto Costa, Minister of Justice and personal friend of Alípio Ribeiro, reiterated yesterday: "The fact that (the police officer) is still in his job indicates what I think about that matter."

SIC, 07.02.08

CDS/PP is going to ask the presence of the Justice Ministre in the Parliament to explain the declarations of the National Director of PJ. To the CDS/PP, the minister’s reaction was «totally insufficient» considering that Alípio Ribeiro made an «extremely serious declaration».
"This is too serious, grave and extreme for the Minister to say simply that maintaining the National Director of PJ in the place testifies the confidence he has upon him, he can’t just stay by that" said Nuno Melo.
"Either the PJ’s statement is true, and that means that the judicial system is totally out of control, or the statement is false and in that case, Alípio Ribeiro can’t stay a single day more as the head of PJ."

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