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McCanns Suspect: Photofit under the magnifying glass

SIC disassembles face

A new video by Paulo Sargento and Pedro Gamito shocked viewers in the Police Chronicles section of the SIC morning talk show Fátima. The photofit of the Maddie McCann kidnapper was transformed into the face of the child’s mother Kate.

This transformation was obtained using what's called an anthropometric reconstruction method of the photofit, and indicates that the photo fit sketch is not at all reliable.

The anthropometric reconstitution technique, as seen on CSI, was produced in the Lisbon University of Lusófona by professors of forensic psychology, Paulo Sargento and Pedro Gamito. The technique showed, as the experts explained, "that the photofit sketch has nothing to do with the Algarve suspect,both traits are of a female face and of anglo saxon nature, which could fit Kate McCann or any other woman.

Franciso Moita Flores, the criminologist, said: the photofit sketch of the suspect of abduction is a false clue, I do not know if done in bad faith.. It shows a man as bad guy, but unintentionally, projected what are the emotional references, a fantasy driven by the subconscious by someone who has the elements for the making of the picture. "

anthropometric reconstitution serves to show that picture is just a manoeuvre," he added, concluding: "It doesn't go through the head of anyone that the mother has kidnapped her own daughter."

The photofit sketch of the suspect of Maddie's abduction was provided by the McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell and led the authorities to the hypothesis, immediately set aside, of the suspect being a man from Castro Marim in the Algarve.

Arriving to the Face of the Suspect

The photofit sketch is composed from a reconstitution of the physiognomical traits of a suspect of a crime that victims or witnesses can describe. The police have equipment that help these witnesses to reconstitute the features of the suspect. From these informations, a sketch is made, then its treated by specialist designers who comprise the craniofacial characteristics of the suspect. The anthropometric reconstruction attempts to reconstruct the full facial features suggested by the sketch.


Faces analysis techniques point to failures in the McCanns description

When Eyes Deceive

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