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McCanns will search "up to the day of her death"

Correio da Manhã

Detectives of the Metodo 3 are back again in Praia da Luz

In the day that the detectives of the Metodo 3 went back to the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, in England the McCann's spokesman guaranteed that Kate and Gerry will search Maddie "up to the day of her death".

Clarence Mitchell answered like this to the doubts of the journalists about the fund of barely two millions of euros, from where are taken weekly around 70 thousand euros to pay the agency of Spanish detectives, the advertising campaign and the maintenance of the site findmaddie.com.

Mitchell announced even if the British police and the officials of the social security services do not suspect of them regarding the disappearance of their daughter. "The authorities assured me that this is a case of rare and strange abduction", explained the spokesman.

Meanwhile, the English press classified the Portuguese inquiry as "a fiasco", after it was known that the request letters are still in Portugal.

Tomorrow the twins Sean and Amelie do three years old, and the McCanns prepare a party in despite of Maddie's absence .

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