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Minister of Justice, Alberto Costa in the Parliament

The members of the Parliamentary Committee of Constitutional Subjects, Rights, Liberties and Guarantees had an audition today, with the Minister of Justice, Alberto Costa.

The Minister of Justice has been talking since 10 am, mainly stuff related to changes in the PPC (Portuguese Penal Code) and other internal status of magistrates (and more), he answered to various criticisms and questions made by several MP's, each representing it's own Party. Only MP Nuno Melo from CDS/PP (a small right wing party-opposition) asked the Minister about his position, that is, why did the Minister of Justice supported Alípio Ribeiro. The Minister as before reiterated his support of Alípio Ribeiro. Ribeiro's statement was used as an attack to the PS (left party and the leader of government).

The spin in the British Press & Media

I've been watching all morning the Parliament channel, and the Minister of Justice didn't say the case conclusion was near. I've watched at 1pm the news in SIC Noticias, RTP, TVI and nothing about that was mentioned. The Portuguese press and Media, until now don't have a single report on the "conclusion".

In the Portuguese Media there isn't anything about "the nearing conclusion of the case" as reported by British Media. Maybe that's the reason why the Daily Express: " Missing Madeleine probe nearly over" deleted their article? I think we all know by now how biased (consistently and explicitly racist and xenophobic) the British Press and Media are. Enough is enough.

Sol/Lusa Report

Maddie Case

Minister of Justice said that the case "was not affected" by the declarations of Alípio Ribeiro.
The Minister of Justice said today to the 1st Parliamentary Committee that the process "has not been affected by this moment," an allusion to statements by the director of national PJ on constituting the McCanns as arguidos.

"I have indications that the current investigation of the case was not affected by this moment," said Alberto Costa, answering the member of CDS-PP Nuno Melo, who requested the presence of the Minister before the Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Affairs, Rights, and Freedoms Guarantees to explain the declaration of Alípio Ribeiro on the alleged “precipitation” in constituting as arguidos the parents of Madeleine Mcann, disappeared in the Algarve in May 2007.

The Minister of Justice refused that a violation of the secrecy of Justice was done by the National Director of the Judiciary Police.

"If there were any evidence of violation of the secrecy of Justice, by now an inquest would have been initiated “by the Public Prosecutor Office, emphasized the Minister to the MP’s.

Also in reply to the CDS-PP, which considered the declarations of Alípio Ribeiro "has objectively severe and with internal and external repercussions" to the process, the minister recalled that before the amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code (September 15, 2007) "the act the constitution of arguidos belonged to a body of the criminal police".

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  1. Prima faci it appears every mechanic in Praia da Luz with inside knowledge of the mechanical problem of the vehicle of Robert Murat that caused him to rent a vehicle a few days following May 3 was frightened to provide as a source what was wrong with the car. Was it an air conditioner being repaired or was it mechanical damage under the car that could have been caused in the Madeleine McCann abduction. Does the PJ so terrorize mechanics that they shut their mouths so badly.

  2. I believe this is a portuguese media site


  3. It's a Brazilian site spinning the McCanns wrong version of events.

  4. Who cares about Murat's car? Why did the McCanns rented a car before going on a globe throttle trip (visit pope, etc..)?

  5. pode informar,por favor, onde encontrar as declarações do Ministro Alberto Costa na íntegra?obrigada,


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