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“Number one “of the PJ should leave his post

" Quadratura do Circulo" criticizes Director of the PJ

In spite of the confidence shown by the Minister of Justice in Alípio Ribeiro after his declarations on the case McCann, the criticism continues to the national director of the PJ.

In the program “ Quadratura do Circulo*”, of the SIC News Channel, the centrist Lobo Xavier and the social democrat Pacheco Pereira defended the dismissal of Alípio Ribeiro.

Also the socialist Jorge Coelho did not save criticisms to Alípio Ribeiro finding his declarations "unfortunate" on the “Maddie’s case ”.

Meantime, the Minister of the Justice, Alberto Costa, reiterated the confidence in the director of the Judiciary Police.

Portuguese justice minister backs police chief in Madeleine McCann case

The justice minister gave his backing to the PJ's national director who said investigators acted hastily in naming the parents of British girl Madeleine McCann as suspects in her disappearance last year.

"The fact that (the police officer) is still in his job indicates what I think about that matter," Justice Minister Alberto Costa told reporters, declining to elaborate.

* Quadratura do Circulo is a prominent opinion making program of the Portuguese television network SIC.


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  2. Hello Joana. Do I understand it right? There is political pressure to drop the case, but some officers will not? This is very interesting. Is it possible to do a translation of these 2 videos? The whole world wants to know Joana. Thanks mate.

  3. Hi Mariana,
    Apparently yes, there is pressure to close the case, in fact from day one, since the calls were made to sky news and the British Ambassador in Portugal.

    Alipio's statements go against the "Duty of Secrecy" and he is not allowed to talk about the case, he did and now there are going to be consequences.

    Though the Minister of Justice publicly supported "his man"(A.R., the PGR, various top officers, and top politics from either side (Socialists and Democrats) are criticizing very harshly the statements made by Alípio. (As well as the Portuguese people which are not pleased at all at this situation.)

    To tell you the truth, at this moment the PSD (opposition) it's probably going to spin this Alipio story to attack the PS (Government). We have to wait and see.

    *The article under each video tells the story in English.


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