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PGR did not open an inquiry on the alleged violation of the secrecy of Justice by the national director of the PJ

The Public Prosecution Office (PGR) assured today that they didn't open an inquiry to check if the recent declarations of the national director of the Judiciary Police on the “Maddie case" constituted an eventual violation of the secrecy of Justice.

This explanation today given by the PGR to the Portuguese news Agency Lusa, appears one day after the Minister of Justice, Alberto Costa, affirmed, in the Parliament, that the declarations of Alípio Ribeiro did not affect the investigations on the case of the British child disappeared in the Algarve and he did not have any evidences in which the same declarations constituted a violation of the secrecy of Justice.

The Minister of Justice refused that a violation of the secrecy of Justice was done by the National Director of the Judiciary Police (PJ).

« "If there were any evidence of violation of the secrecy of Justice, by now an inquest would have been initiated by the Public Prosecutor Office », said Alberto Costa in the Parliamentary Committee of Constitutional Subjects, Rights, Liberties and Guarantees.

The national director of the PJ, Alípio Ribeiro, declared, in an interview, that there might have been haste in making Kate and Gerry McCann arguidos.

Lusa Report

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