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PJ’s Director: Minister will have to clarify statements on the 13th

Correio da Manhã: The Minister of Justice goes to the Parliament next Wednesday, the 13th, to explain to the MP’s the meaning of controversial statements made by the director of the National Judiciary Police (PJ) on the Maddie’s Case.

Alberto Costa must now justify not having dismissed Alípio Ribeiro, after his long term friend talked about the investigation, arguing that there was "hastiness” making the McCanns as arguidos.

24 horas: They met at university many years ago. Since then they have built up a solid friendship. They still lunch together regularly and even visit each other’s houses. In a time of crisis, Alberto Costa did not let his friend Alípio Ribeiro fall.

Justice Minister Alberto Costa will not be dismissing the national director of the Police Judiciary, in whom he has complete confidence and with whom he has been friends since their university days. And that is why Alberto Costa is keeping Alípio Tibúrcio Ribeiro in office, even after the national PJ director publicly discredited his investigators in the Maddie case. Yesterday, when asked if he maintained his confidence in Alípio Ribeiro, Alberto Costa was clear: “The fact that the PJ national director remains in office indicates what I think about that matter.”.

Letters to British authorities were sent

The rogatory letters for the purpose of re-questioning the McCanns and their seven friends who dined with them at a restaurant in the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Algarve, have now been forwarded for a second time to the British Home Office, the equivalent of our Ministry for the Interior.
This comes after, as 24horas reported last week, the first letters were returned for merely bureaucratic reasons. The British authorities were of the opinion that the request should be formalised directly by the Public Prosecutor Office and not via Eurojust. An official Prosecutor’s Office communication stated that it was trying to solve out a problem which had nothing to do, and that had led to a climate of tension between the Eurojust and the Prosecutor Office officials, but it has now been resolved. Now, Prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes, who is in charge of the process, is waiting for green light from Britain to send a PJ team there.

Meanwhile, the British press enjoyed writing and deleting their latest breaking headlines:

POLICE in Portugal are preparing to shelve the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, it was reported yesterday....7th February 2008

THE hunt for Madeleine McCann is to be called off, with police admitting they might never know what happened to ...7th February 2008

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  1. This inquiry into what Mr. Ribeiro meant when he said the decision to apply the Arguido status to the parents was hasty may do more harm than good. I think Mr. Ribeiro should simply say that his comments were with regard to the timing of the application of the Arguido status and not the validity of the application, if that was indeed what he meant. He should then apologize for his indiscretion in making such remarks. Any further public elaboration on this matter could strengthen a point of argument for defensive lawyers if this case ever goes to trial.


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