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Portuguese police worried by the lack of British cooperation

Duarte Levy Reports:

In the investigation concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, although the political and diplomatic pressures have played a negative role in the progress of the inquiry, it is the lack of cooperation of the Home Office that worries very much the inspectors of the Judicial Police convinced of the goodwill of their colleagues of Leicestershire.

Even though the case is very different, this is not the first time that the attitude of the Home Office has hampered the Judicial Police investigation concerning the arrest of an offender located in the British soil. This has been the case for a man from the Bangladesh - as it is revealed today in the Correio da Manhã - called by the Portuguese authorities as the murderer of the Spanish place of Lisbon. The psychopath had crossed one of the most crowded place of the Portuguese capital assaulting with a knife everyone who crossed his path after he finally jetted to London with a false passport.

Despite the lack of any apparent link between the crimes committed against strangers selected at random from the crowd and the lack of criminal background of the offender in Portugal, the inspectors of the Judicial Police were able to reconstruct the trails of the murderer. He was identified and located in London where the lack of cooperation of the Home Office has prevented his arrest and his extradition.

At the outset of the investigation, the police had only a meagre description of the offender: Indian traits, a white turban and a knife in his hand.

After two years of waiting and because it was necessary that the man leaved the British territory, the murderer has been relocated, this time in the south of Europe, where the Judicial Police must once again rely on the international cooperation to arrest the man.

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