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Posters ... Not a sign of them!

24 horas

The media campaign of the McCanns did not reach the ground yet. At Huelva nobody saw nothing yet

The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters.

"I did not see any poster and we were not informed of anything. There is nothing" said to 24 Horas Luís Molina, spokesman of the Cortés family and uncle of Mari Luz, missing since the 13th of January.
The journalists of a city newspaper also searched for the posters made by the McCanns. "We were aware of the initiative through a news agency and we wanted to photograph them but we could not find any", said Raquel Rendón journalist of the Spanish newspaper "Huelva Información".
24 Horas questioned the spokesman of the McCanns about the distribution of the posters in Spain but could not get any reply till now. Clarence Mitchell said yesterday to our newspaper that the posters - in which appear the sentence "No nos olvideis" (Don't forget us) on the top of the photo of the missing children - were distributed in several public places, like schools, railway stations and shopping malls. In Huelva, the city where lives the family of Mari Luz Cortés and where thousands of people have shown through public demonstrations the support to the child and her family nobody saw them. "An action like this should have been agreed with us but nobody told us anything" said Luís Molina. Although he recognises that every initiative aimed to divulge the case "might be important" the spokesman of the Cortés says that he can't even speak about the content of the posters for a simple reason: "I did not see any".

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