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Prós e Contras: Onde está Madeleine?

14 DE MAIO DE 2007
O Rapto

O mundo mudou!
A Internet abre espaços nunca antes imaginados!
As redes de pedofilia e de adopção clandestinas navegam com à vontade.
A pequena Maddie pode ter sido mais uma…das suas vitimas!
Velhos crimes com novos contornos!
O maior debate da televisão portuguesa reúne especialistas e procura respostas…
Onde está Madeleine?

Prós e Contras 1ª Parte, emitido a 14 de Maio de 2007 pela RTP1

Prós e Contras 2ª Parte, emitido a 14 de Maio de 2007 pela RTP1

PJ Director reacts with caution
The National Director of the Judicial Police, Alípio Ribeiro

11-09-2007 0:25:00
The national director of the Judicial Police (PJ), Alípio Ribeiro, said yesterday that the results of analyses were helping investigations but did not provide certainty that the blood belonged to Madeleine McCann.

On the programme "Prós e Contras" on RTP1, Alípio Ribeiro said that the PJ had received the results of “some of the analyses” which were carried out in a laboratory in Birmingham, but added that these did not give such exact information as had appeared in the British press; he said the results provided some guidance for the investigations.

The national head of the PJ reacted in this way to reports last night in the on-line edition of the Telegraph that said there was a 100% match between Madeleine McCann and the DNA samples that were found in the car hired by the parents and in the apartment occupied by the family.

He said that in none of the tests was it possible to say with this degree of certainty that the blood was from A or B, and he said the report that the body of the girl had been in the car hired by the couple was still speculative.

The national director of the Judicial Police rejected the possibility that the restrictions placed on Kate and Gerry McCann, who were named as formal suspects on Friday, could be altered: they were made subject to a declaration of identity and residence.

Alípio Ribeiro said he did not think this was likely to happen and he saw no reason to alter the restrictions, saying however that this was a decision for the Public Prosecutor’s Office which had followed the whole investigation.

He said that the Public Prosecutor’s Office was in permanent contact with the PJ and they knew what was being done step by step.

Alípio Ribeiro also said he thought it would have been “immoral” to have regarded the parents of Madeleine suspect since the beginning of the process, pointing out that the hypothesis that was investigated most at the beginning was of abduction.

The director played down the fact that the couple had returned to England on Sunday. He said that the couple were able to leave and left, adding that they were not able to treat this as relevant or not relevant for the investigation. He said it was their right.

Alípio Ribeiro denied categorically that that had been any political pressure from the British or Portuguese governments, saying that the latter had shown a close interest in the proceedings.

The PJ national director said it was a process that required “time, patience and caution” as it was a “complex case” and given the high level of media attention the calmness of the police’s work had to be maintained.

Concerning criticisms of the performance of the Portuguese police, which had increased in recent days in the British press, Alípio Ribeiro highlighted the fact that the PJ is governed by European standards, works with great deontological rigour and respects all people irrespective of what they may or may not have done.

He said that British public opinion would understand this sooner or later, and he restated that they had been working well with the British police with whom they were in “daily contact”. He said their relationship was very good, open, frank and loyal.

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