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Two children die for the massive ingestion of tranquillizers given by their mother

El Mundo

-The woman is under custody of the Police as supposed author of two murders
-The parents of four children had separated recently
-The children who have survived are conscious and under psychiatric treatment

Two children of 3 and 8-year-old have died and other two of 11 and 14 years have been hospitalized by a massive ingestion of medicines apparently given by their mother, who later tried to commit suicide inhaling carbon monoxide in his domicile of the Navarra locality of Mutilva Alta.

Two hospitalized children, both with symptoms of poisoning for benzodiazepine - a psychotropic tranquillizer-, were presenting superficial courts made by a cutting weapon in the neck that, in one of the cases needed stitches as the incision took approximately 8 centimetres long.

The benzodiazepines, which are commercialized since the 50’s, have a variable grade of effects: as sedatives, hypnotic, amnesic, anxyolitic, anticonvulsant and also as muscle relaxants. They are indicated for a wide variety of disorders that can go from the anxiety or the depression, terrors, t insomnia, alterations to the skeletal muscle, the syndrome of alcohol abstinence and also as coadjutant treatment in anaesthesia.

This wide availability makes them the most habitual medicines in the poisonings by means of medicines generally accompanied of alcohol and other substances; although the mortality for this cause is currently dropping.

The youngest between the children was also sleepy and had one “abnormal mydriasis pupillary ", although it was reacting to the light. His older brother was, on arrival to the Urgencies, conscious, agitated, with pupils slightly dilated and reacting to the light, with a minor confusion in the language and in the visual perception.

In both cases their prognosis is fine except complications and they are being attended by the paediatric team and the service of psychiatry, which also deals with other relatives.

The woman tried to commit suicide

The woman, who answers to the initials of A.J.M., is 40 years old and she is from Pamplona, she is in the Hospital of Navarra for poisoning of carbon monoxide and presents wounds caused to herself with intention of committing suicide.

A.J.M. is under custody of the Police as supposed author of two murders.

According to the medical examinations, the woman is stable; her level of conscience is normal and neurologically she is inside normality.

According to judicial sources, the parents of the two dead children were taking steps to divorce and the custody of the minors by the mother was adopted as “mutual agreement “ by the couple.

A Completely normal ' couple’

The autopsy of the children will be carried out this evening, whereas samples have already sent to the Institute of Toxicology of Barcelona for the analysis.

A neighbour of Mutilva Alta said that she usually met the mother and his four sons in the park, although in the last months "she had not seen her".

She explained that "the woman was normal, and very talkative", of a "strong character", “had very polite children” and that she didn’t know that the woman was in psychiatric treatment.

Also, this neighbour, who has indicated that the couple was “completely normal ", has commented that the husband is a real estate promoter and he had constructed the semi-detached houses of the street Ezkibel in which the woman was residing with his four sons.

The neighbour has stated that the news has been a "surprise" and has caused one big stir in Mutilva Alta, since “This is a very small place and we know each other very well. This is something that always happens in other places ".

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