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Autopsies on the body of Mari Luz Cortés reported to show she was alive when she was thrown or fell in the Huelva estuary

Analyses have so failed to determine if she was murdered or died an accidental death
The ABC newspaper is reporting this morning that five year old Mari Luz Cortés, whose body was found floating in the estuary near the Cepsa refinery in Huelva last Friday, was alive when she either fell or was thrown into the water. The paper quotes initial results from the two autopsies carried out on her body which show that she was still breathing, and says a more exact time of death will be known in around a week. All that’s known so far, they said, is that Mari Luz died within 48 hours of the time she was last seen, 10 minutes short of 5 pm on Sunday 13th January, after she left her home in the El Torrejón district of Huelva City for a short trip to the local sweets kiosk.

A more exact time of death will also give an indication of whether she could have been murdered or died an accidental death – the newspaper said a tragic accident may be more likely if Mari Luz died shortly after she was last seen. Further analyses also hope to determine if her body was carried by the currents to the spot where she was found. ABC noted that while there are no signs of violence or self-defence on her body, the amount of time between her death and the day she was found has made it impossible to determine if she was strangled.

The Civil Guard investigation meanwhile continues in the hopes of finding another witness who may have seen Mari Luz on the day she went missing. The last known person to have seen the five year old, ABC said, was a woman who says she thought she saw her with someone, saying something along the lines of, ‘my parents don’t let me.’

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El Último Adiós a Mari Luz
10 Mar 2008
Five year old Mari Luz Cortés was buried in her home town of Huelva on Monday, three days after her body was found floating in the Ría de Huelva estuary, and 57 days after she disappeared during a short trip to the local sweets kiosk ...

The Express, Some exclusive McCann spin, and the use of Mari Luz death
7 Mar 2008
A spokesman for the McCanns said they were aware of reports that the body of Mari Luz Cortes had been discovered in the southern Spanish city of Huelva, just 120 miles away from where their daughter Madeleine disappeared. ...
Joana Morais - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/

Mari Luz Cortés: a tragic ending
7 Mar 2008
HUELVA, 07 (EUROPE PRESS) - the Civil Guard today located in an undetermined point of the Huelva coast the body of a girl who could be Mari Luz, the girl from Huelva who disappeared from Huelva in the 13 of January. ...

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