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Car belonging to Madeleine case witness destroyed in blast

A CAR belonging to Russian computer expert Sergei Malinka, who has been questioned by police as part of the Madeleine McCann investigation, was destroyed in an explosion in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, March 20) in Praia da Luz.

The incident is said to have taken place at around 5am next to his apartment, where the word “fala” (talk) had been written on the pavement next to the car.

Witnesses told The Resident that two cars were involved in the blast and maintain that one belonged to Malinka.

Police first interviewed Malinka on May 16, 2007, around two weeks after Madeleine McCann went missing.

Police searched the home of the IT expert, who designed a website for Robert Murat and was seen talking to Murat several times in the days after Madeleine’s disappearance. He was adamant that he was interviewed as a witness, not a suspect.

He has lived in Praia da Luz for around seven years and has always maintained he had nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

He claims he only had a professional relationship with official suspect, Robert Murat, and he has never been named as an arguido.

The Judicial Police could not confirm this morning’s blast took place but witnesses in the area have told The Resident that two cars were involved. They have also said that one of the cars belonged to Malinka.

The Resident spoke to Robert Murat, who said that he had not been told about the incident but did confirm that Malinka drove a Silver Audi, similar to the car that was torched.

“I am in England now but I am surprised that no one in Praia da Luz phoned me to tell me about it”, he said.

Update: The Russian expat said yesterday: "Who the hell has written that? What exactly do they want me to say?

"They must be talking about Robert. There's nothing to say. I'm angry that someone would do this and I want to find out who it was."

Neighbours described hearing a bang like a "gunshot" at around 5am, apparently as the arsonist struck, although Mr Malinka slept through the commotion.

On Wednesday evening he parked his car about 40ft from his apartment. He said: "I went to bed and I switched my phone to silent. When I woke up I had 32 missed calls."

He added: "I'm not scared. It's just a car. It was a nice car, but at least I wasn't inside it.

"But I have no feelings about this. They ripped my heart out last summer when they involved me with all this."

Portuguese detectives and forensics experts spent the morning searching the remains of the car. Mr Malinka later met police to talk about the arson attack.

The Portugal Resident
Daily Mail

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  1. It looks like someone wrote FALA (Talk) in red paint with a large paint brush next to the auto of Sergei Malinka and then lit the fuse and threw a few sticks of dynamite under the auto of Sergei Malinka. This probably was done by thugs interested in the euro who have been paid by somebody, the thugs who themselves have no interest in any of this - it could be anyone - to cast suspicion on Sergei Malinka. It will not fool anybody. Talk is cheap and this is talk of a type. Seven of the Tapas nine are soon to be questioned. What can be said is it is highly probably that at the origin of this "talk" is the abductor or murderer of Madeleine McCann. The PJ had better solve it. Would not you think?


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