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The EasyJet Crew does not forget the McCanns Coldness

GERRY and KATE ‘were arrogant ’

By Carlos Tomás

On the day in which they travelled for England, Maddie's parents did not speak with anybody, their heads were down and they only drank a coffee.

“They entered and were immediately recognized by all the passengers and crew. They did not show any sign of suffering. They were arrogant. They looked at us with a look of enormous disdain and occupied their respective places. They did not seem persons who had lost a daughter. We did not see any expression of pain in either one.” The declarations were made to 24horas by a stewardess who did the service in the airplane in which the McCanns traveled, the parents of Madeleine - the girl who disappeared, in May from an apartment in the Praia da Luz, Algarve - on the day in which they decided to leave Portugal, shortly afterwards of being constituted arguidos. In the 8th of September, the spokesperson of Maddie’ parents, Justine McGuinness, meanwhile substituted by the adviser to the British prime minister, Clarence Mitchell, guaranteed to several bodies of social communication that Kate and Gerry McCann would stay in Portugal and that they would not leave the Country until their daughter was found. This, in spite of having being constituted arguidos in September.

“ A Guilty Look ”

“ Kate and Gerry are going to remain in the Praia da Luz to not disturb the investigation of the PJ ”, affirmed Justine in that time. What happened was quite different. On the 9th of September the McCanns caught a flight of EasyJet, in Faro, at 9h30 am and headed for England. This because they were only under the term of identity and residence and the residence that they supplied to the Portuguese authorities was the house where they reside in that country, located in the surroundings of Leicestershire, a region of the centre of England. “They looked guilty. After the airplane lifted, they asked a coffee that they drank with their heads lowered and it was in that position that they did the whole journey”, said, to 24horas, a source from the crew, a Portuguese who resides in England. The crew member says that the feeling in the country regarding the case is mixed: “A few blame the Portuguese authorities and say that they were incompetent. Others think that the McCann are guilty. Let's hope the PJ finds the body and discovers what really happened. ”

The one who sees faces...

A judicial person in charge thought that the behaviour of the McCann was "strange" and he pointed out that there are analyses still being done. “The facial expressions of the persons can demonstrate their feelings and if what they say it is true or lies. There are techniques available to evaluate these cases and though the collected elements do not serve of proof can help the judge to form a stronger conviction on the guilt or not of the McCanns. ” “An investigation does not consist on forensic trials, but to a set of data that are gathered, like evidences, facial expressions, in testimonies, contradictions in statements, etc. Therefore the significance of the new interrogations to the McCanns and their friends ”.

Source: 24 Horas page.12


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