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El Último Adiós a Mari Luz

Her funeral took place on Monday, 57 days after she disappeared from home
Five year old Mari Luz Cortés was buried in her home town of Huelva on Monday, three days after her body was found floating in the Ría de Huelva estuary, and 57 days after she disappeared during a short trip to the local sweets kiosk from her home in the El Torrejón district of the city.

Thousands gathered outside the Huelva crematorium on Monday to pay their last respects to the five year old. Amongst them was the entire team of the Recreativo de Huelva football club, where Mari Luz’s father once worked. Also there was the Mayor of Huelva, Pedro Rodríguez, who spoke of his pride of being the Mayor of a city which, ‘once again, has shown their solidarity and generosity’ towards Mari Luz’s family. Rodríguez mentioned two comments made to him by the young girl’s father, Juan José Cortés, which have stuck in his mind: the first, ‘I am not going to die without knowing what has happened to my daughter,’ and the second, EFE said, after she was found, ‘Now I no longer have to look for her.’

The five year old’s body left the crematorium shortly before 2.30 pm and was carried in a silent procession on foot for the half-hour distance to the municipal cemetery where Mari Luz was buried.

It’s now been confirmed that two autopsies have taken place on her body, the second was held at the request of the family.

Mari Luz’s body was found in the common estuary of the Tinto and Odiel Rivers on Friday afternoon, by an employee at the Cepsa refinery. She was dressed in the same clothes she was wearing when she was last seen, on the afternoon of 13th January this year.

The exact time of death is the key to the Mari Luz case

The autopsy confirms that there was no sign of sexual abuse

The investigation now centrers in knowing the exact hour of the death of the little girl to proceed to the understanding of the cause of Mari Luz death. Up to the moment, sources of the case insist that the autopsy discards the violation and that the blows present in the body were mortal. The strangulation is also discarded by the police.
A key aspect of the investigation is to fix the hour of the death. For this purpose a team from the General Commissariat of the Scientific Police moved from Madrid to be in the autopsy and collect traces of the cadaveric larvae and the fauna. The investigators also added that they are studying the presence of heavy metals in the body and the vegetable remains found in the little girl’s boots, which will help to determine the body’s course through the marsh.

The Police are particularly investigating the possibility that she could have drowned accidentally, but also whether she was asphyxiated by a criminal. Therefore, establishing the date of death is the key to resolving the case, in the absence of other clues indicating a violent death. It has already been established that she died on the day of her disappearance. If death occurred minutes after she left her house, the thesis of accidental death would be more plausible. However, the longer the time that passed from the moment that she went to buy a snack and the timing of her death, more probable is the fact that this is a question of a crime.


In any case, it seems improbable that Mari Luz was walking alone, during an evening of wind, rain and cold, crossing streets and highways, up to the marshes. If this was the case, then the little girl must have walked for one and a half kilometres, the distance between her home in the Torrejón neighbourhood and the Odiel River marsh. Or the almost two and a half kilometres of distance between the house and the nearest Tinto River marsh. Both rivers come together where Mari Luz’ body was found.

Sources of the case established that the body came dragged through the river, considering the precise place where the small girl was found, near the refinery of Cepsa. The search of traces that should help in the investigation continued yesterday in this area, in the estuary of entry to the Port of Huelva.


Mari Luz Cortés: a tragic ending
HUELVA, 07 (EUROPE PRESS) - the Civil Guard today located in an undetermined point of the Huelva coast the body of a girl who could be Mari Luz, the girl from Huelva who disappeared from Huelva in the 13 of January. ...

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