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Forbidden to write about Maddie or the killing of journalism and free speech in UK

Jornal de Notícias

The journalists of Express Newspapers, the British media group that holds four tabloids, are forbidden to write about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The editorial decision was made after the parents of the child that has been missing for almost a year announced that they are preparing to sue the publications over articles that they consider "defamatory and rude".

The ban affects all the newspapers of the group - Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday - and left the reporters "furious".

They say that the McCanns feel "threatened because we do not only write what they want to see in print. We also echo the investigation by the Portuguese police", said a source within the group that was contacted by JN. "The only thing that we want now is that they are obliged to respond before a court, under oath, about the disappearance of their daughter. Maybe then, the public will see the some questions answered, namely what happened on the night of May 3", the source openly said.

Kate and Gerry McCann have decided to hire a reputable law firm in London, that is specialised in defamation cases. They expect to receive 4 million pounds (over 5,5 million euros), an amount that the spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, assumes that will revert to the Find Madeleine fund.

So, the questions now for the McCanns threatening to sue the Express group, are:

Are they trying to scare other news groups into keeping quiet after the Judiciary Police interviews have been completed?

Or are they simply greedy profiteers hiding behind be compassionate at us, we the victimized parents", hoping to cash in quickly for the depleted fund?

It strikes me that the British press,the Daily Mail, the Sun or the Mirror, have been publishing identical stories, many fed by Clarence Mitchell, so why are they going after these Express group newspapers in particular?

As always with the McCanns everything is about the money: the fund for the house, the expensive Extradition and Defence Lawyers, the website, the Metodo3 'detective agency', the film and book deals, the paid documentaries and interviews...

The Madeleine fund's objectives state that when and only she is found anything left over will be given to charity. Madeleine’s fund is a non charitable, not-for-profit company.

Madeleine it's not a little girl missing anymore, it's a trademark registered by her parents...

Meanwhile Gerry is sad , the Kate and I again....

Gerry's Blog
Day 313: 11/03/2008

«Kate and I were so sad to learn that Mari Luz’s body had been found. This is the news that at any parent of a missing child dreads and a situation we desperately hope that we never have to face. We deeply sympathise with her family and pray they remain strong and in time are able to find peace.

We would like to thank everyone who continues to send us messages of support, encouragement and of hope. All of our family have been traumatised by Madeleine’s abduction and continued absence and the tremendous support we have received has undoubtedly helped us enormously over the last 10 months. Tomorrow there is a march in London starting opposite Western Marble Arch synagogue at 10am to petition for more support for the families of missing people who are left behind. The march has been organised by two mothers whose sons are missing and will be attended by representatives of the charity Missing People and families of those who have relatives missing.»


The Express, Some exclusive McCann spin, and the use of Mari Luz death
Mar 08, 2008
Has the Express group done a deal with the McCanns? After pulling all the articles about the McCanns from their on-line Newspapers, we now know the McCanns and their Carter Ruck Lawyers were to sue the Express Newspapers for around £4m. ...

Madeleine McCann is vanishing from the British Press
Feb 22, 2008
This was the answer given by the Daily Express' online editor, Geoff Marsh: "Hi xxx, Many thanks for your email. For operational reasons, some articles previously available on express.co.UK have been temporarily removed. ...

McCanns: Is it all about money?
Mar 07, 2008
Previously we noticed the Express group, pulling articles about the McCanns from their on line Newspapers: the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Star Sunday. We wondered why?And we asked the Daily Express' ...


  1. Acabei de escrever um comentário no chat.dailymailco.uk.

    Receberam-no mas avisam que nem todos são publicados.Não vai ser!

    Perguntava à autora do artigo como poderia ela ter a certeza que apenas agora a nossa Polícia se preocupava com as redes pedófilas.

    Lamentei também um comentário que insinuava que se estava com medo,por razões económicas, "perder a altissima indústria do sexo" . A Economia em 1º lugar,naquelas cabecinhas mal-pensadoras.

  2. And about teen ager Family,I commit a big mistake. Perhaps they are more like modern Hippies.
    And...."For the six youngest children sent back from Goa by mother Fiona MacKeown, 'home' is a ramshackle collection of buildings on a plot in Devon ankle-deep in mud
    • Indian police are NOT investigating whether Scarlett's mum was negligent to leave 15-year-old on her own, it emerged today....


  3. The main reason the McCanns are taking these papers to task is that unlike other papers these papers did not censor their forums or commentary sections based on any biased view. Any media source owned by Rupert Murdoch is Pro-McCann. It is the complicity of this media magnate that is largely responsible for the media onslaught on the PJ.


  4. I have found you Blog very interesting in what you have written about the McCann case. I am especially interested that I am not the only one to notice the cash flowing into the parents and their very slick publicity campaign started so soon after the 'disappearance'. Thank you for your pieces and keep writing.

    (Sorry about the language - we Brits are dreadful when it comes to language learning.)

  5. Team McCann now tries to gather money for the legal defence in a long long lasting trial!

  6. Apparently the McCann's have filed a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission.
    The Commission was unable to help them.
    It is very likely that they will keep threatening every paper that does not agree with their own "abduction" theory.
    On the other hand they need the money for the long trial as mentioned by the anonymous comment.


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