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Gerry's Blog: Day 316 or Day 314???

Day 316 Blog posted as Day 314 which was two days ago, and as you can see in the 12 of March with the Google cached link there was no entry for that day.

Kate and I heard the totally heart-warming news today that Shannon Matthews has been recovered safely. We are delighted for her family and hope and pray that Shannon has not suffered too much during the last 24 days.

Although the circumstances may be different, finding Shannon alive does give Kate and me renewed optimism. I am reminded of Ernie Allen’s ( the president of NCMEC) words: ‘until you know who has taken Madeleine and why, you cannot give up hope’. We do not know who has taken Madeleine or why, and there is certainly no indication that Madeleine has been seriously harmed. Of course we will not give up hope. Someone somewhere knows where Madeleine is.


  1. sorry to say this, he is one sick bastard.

  2. Hi Joanna
    Are you saying that he has altered the days on the blog from 314 to 316?
    What about the dates are they the same.
    Unfortunately I was too late to get a screen shot of the Day 314 as I did not see it.
    I don’t suppose you got one did you I need one to put on site.

    thanks pamalam

  3. sorry to say this,.....

    Silent Man?
    So polite can be you.


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