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Investigation on Madeleine’s disappearance is in a Decisive Phase

Decisive days for the McCanns
Kate and Gerry will be the last ones being heard

The PJ promotes diligences in the following weeks to accuse or not the parents of
Maddie, through the questioning Kate and Gerry and the friends who had dinner with them in the fatal night.

Crucial. The case of Madeleine McCann, the girl who disappeared, with 3 years, in May of 2007, is going to have, along the next two weeks, diligences that the Judiciary Police finds critical to accuse, or not, the parents of the child. Finally, it will take place the execution of the rogatory letter sent to Great Britain and that is destined to hear again the McCanns and the seven friends with whom they had dinner in Tapas Bar, in the fatal night, in the Praia da Luz.

Guilhermino Encarnação, the police officer in charge of the PJ in the Algarve, is laconic: “We cannot comment cases that are in secrecy of justice. To its time everything will be explained. ” In spite of the silence, 24horas knows that a team from the PJ will travel in the next two weeks for England. Everything depends on the speed of the Britons: “We indicated concretely whom we wanted to be questioned, in which days and to what hours. The parents of the girl will be the last ones being questioned, since we want to be in the possession of the biggest possible number of elements to be able to confront them with the forensic proofs and other evidences gathered up to now. ”

Coordination with the English Police

“The McCanns and their friends live in different points in England and they will all be questioned in the areas of their respective residences. Therefore, it was necessary to coordinate everything with the English officers, to manage to gather and to hear more quickly all the persons who are named in the rogatory letter. We want to resolve everything in one week, but if things there run badly we can even stay there more than two months”, pointed out a source connected with the process, finishing off: “The justice is not in a hurry. It just haves to be done …”

Source: 24 Horas, page.14


  1. Pois,realmente e aparentemente,deve estar.

    Mas com os enormes escolhos e o imenso poderio aliado às manipulações ,os apoios fortissimos e estranhos
    ( tanta gente famosa e rica a financia-los) já para não falar do mal estar sentido por todos nós.

    Que estará por detrás de toda esta situação?

    Como alguém já perguntou: mas,afinal QUEM SÃO OS Mc?

    Repetindo vezes sem conta: pobre de ti Mad die com quem te saiu na rifa da tua pequenissima vida.

    Sou desconfiada,não vais ter Justiça porque eles não o querem.
    Estão muitissimo preocupados a olhar para o próprio umbigo.

    E tanto controlo;tanta reunião....QUEM NÃO DEVE,NÃO TEME!

    Podes não vir a ter Justiça nos Tribunais!

    Mas,cá se fazem;cá se pagam.

    Sabias,minha linda que vários amigos dos teus pais estiveram no Mark Werner Resort na Grécia,um ano ou dois antes?

  2. Toda a sorte do Mundo à nossa PJ na continuação do seu trabalho;POR TI,Mad die!

    A PJ também foi muito injustiçada, como tu!

    Que todas as Entidades Divinas(de todas as crenças) TE AJUDEM E A ELES;PJ.

  3. It is my understanding that the Portuguese police have a copy of Kate’s diary. It has been mentioned that a copy of the diary is inadmissible in court. Therefore if the PJ is indeed requesting the diary itself, one would have to conclude that they intend to prosecute.


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