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Judiciary Police Looks for Yeremi Vargas

Yeremi Vargas Disappeared Two Months before Madeleine and he was ‘Seen’ in Portugal

A missing boy disappeared more than a year ago, in Spain, can be in Portugal.
The PJ already divulged the image of Yeremi Vargas in their site

The Judiciary Police is looking for Yeremi Vargas, an eight-year-old boy who disappeared in March of 2007 when he was playing with his cousins, in the street, a few meters away from his grandparent’s house, in Vecindario, in the Canary Islands. A photo of the boy was already placed in the missing person’s online page of the Judiciary Police, asking for the collaboration of persons who eventually have seen him in national territory. According to the PJ, informations received by the Spanish authorities indicate the possibility of Yeremi “to have been a seen” in the North of Portugal, six months after his disappearance. A source of the PJ told 24horas that this was a lead which placed the boy in the Minho Region and which was investigated, with no success. On the other hand, added the same source, the placing of the photo in the Internet was done after a solicitation done by the Spanish Police and by Europol.

Yeremi Vargas disappeared in a matter of minutes. A few minutes went by after 13h30 on the 10th of March, when the grandmother called the family, which was in the street, near to house, to have lunch. They all entered, including the cousins, except Yeremi, a “cheerful, shy and easily frightened boy” who, moments before, was running and playing before the attentive glance of his grandfather.

“A nightmare without an end”

Such as in the cases of Maddie and Mari Luz, hundreds of people joined the Spanish authorities and looked for him everywhere. One hour later, the whole device of control was in progress, with the entries and exits in the island being watched attentively. Without success. Yeremi Vargas was never found, for despair of the parents and of the whole family. “This is a nightmare without an end”, says the aunt, Milagros Suárez, guaranteeing without doubts that the child was a victim of a kidnapping. Otherwise, she affirmed, “he would have managed to perfectly arrive at the house”, because he knew well the whole neighbourhood. In this case, as in those of missing children, the leads followed by the police and the suspicions raised to the family have not produced any results, pushing the investigation for a dead end.

False Leads

Similar to what happened with Maddie and Mari Luz, also in the case of Yeremi Vargas there have been appearing several false leads and various ‘witness accounts’ that guarantee to have seen the boy, in several places. A 27-year-old man, with criminal record, was detained by the Spanish police after an attempt to pass as the kidnapper, trying to extort six thousand euros from the family to free the child. It was all an attempt to defraud the Vargas family through extortion. Thousands of posters with the photo of Yeremi were spread by all Spain, including a few, paid by the McCanns, in which the boy of the Canary Islands appears side by side with Maddie. The principal suspect is a man with paedophile criminal records, which, a little time before, had tried to kidnap a girl from the island.

Official Site for Yeremi Vargas

Source: 24 Horas


Police on Gran Canaria search pet crematorium for signs of missing children
14 Jan 2008
An attempted child kidnap last week could be linked to the disappearance of Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales. A police source also said officers have been fully briefed about the Madeleine McCann case...

Yeremi Vargas: Updates and Speculation
13 Jan 2008
News of yet another bungled attempt to snatch a child from the streets of Gran Canaria struck fear into the hearts of parents and children on the island, haunted as it is by the cases of missing children Sara Morales and Yeremi Vargas whose faces stare out from flyers taped all over the archipelago...

One year without Yeremi Vargas
9 Mar 2008
It’s now been 365 days since Yeremi Vargas went missing when he was playing in the street with his cousins in Vecindario on Gran Canaria, just a few metres away from his home. Not one single sign has been found of him since then...

The Express, Some exclusive McCann spin, and the use of Mari Luz death
7 Mar 2008
The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters...

Still waiting for Yeremi and Mari Luz Cortés
29 Feb 2008
The heartache for the parents of Gran Canaria’s missing children, Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales, goes on. They have been told by police that no evidence of either was found during the search of a derelict warehouse in that island...

Disgraceful use of the Cortes family
19 Feb 2008 by
Helping To Find Madeleine (HTFM) is pleased to announce that it has undertaken a further mailing project to raise awareness of the disappearnace of Madeleine McCann, Yeremi Vargas and Mari Luiz Cortez throughout Spain and the Islands of...

Parents of missing Mari Luz are against her image being used in a ...

17 Feb 2008
... which shows images of four year old Madeleine alongside their daughter, Mari Luz, who disappeared in Huelva on 13th January, and others pictured with Yeremi Vargas, who was seven when he disappeared from Gran Canaria last year...

Posters ... Not a sign of them!
16 Feb 2008
The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters. ...

The Vargas and The Mccanns: Dignity versus Celebrity
26 Dec 2007
Who is Yeremi Vargas: Yeremi Vargas is 7 years old, brown eyes, brown blondish hair, and he uses glasses, when he disappeared he was dressed with an orange jersey, grey sport trousers and trainers. Yeremi went missing around 13.30,...

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