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Maddie: found bag with bones in the dam of the Arade... of an animal

Correio da Manhã: Maddie: Bones are of animal
2008-03-14 - 20:02:00

The bones found this Friday in the dam of the Arade, near to Silves, Algarve, are in a first analysis from an animal.

The Judiciary Police (PJ) advanced that the bones cannot be human given its dimensions and characteristics.

The bones were found by divers inside a bag, who alerted the GNR, which in its turn warned the PJ.

In a first phase, the authorities suspected that the bones could belong to Madeleine McCann, the English girl who disappeared to the 3rd of May from Praia da Luz, Lagos.

Portugal Diário: Maddie: Found bag with bones
Last updated at 19h45

A few minutes had passed after 15pm when the team of divers contracted by the lawyer Aragão Correia found a bag « with bones », covered with mud, in the bottom of the dam of the Arade, revealed to PortugalDiário Telma Fernandes, an assistant to the lawyer.

To the place travelled the competent authorities which « in a first analysis » guaranteed that the bones were of an animal, declares the Portuguese News Agency Lusa, quoting anonymous sources from the GNR and from the PJ. « Certainly, there are not human bones given their dimensions and characteristics », avowed a source from the PJ.
A hypothesis which was always considered, « We do not know if they are human or from an animal », explained Telma Fernandes. « There are small bones and we only opened the bag barely to see the content. When we realized what it was we called the authorities and did not touch it any more », she guarantees.

« We can’t even see of which colour the bag is, because it is completely covered with mud. It was tied with ropes », adds the assistant of the Madeira lawyer.
The GNR and the Judiciary Police were in the field, did a perimeter of security, and near to 19pm left the zone without speaking with the persons who gave the alert of the "discover". « They took some bones and left the rest. The bag was here », tells Telma Fernandes. « It ended up by being taken by the detectives of the Spanish agency Método 3, which are going to analyse them ».

Searches for the second time

Marcos Aragão Correia is a lawyer and, for the second time in a few months, he sponsored with the support of a company from the Algarve, searches in the dam of the Arade, in Silves. It is in this place that he believes the body of Madeleine McCann was "dropped", a few days after her disappearance.
The searches recommenced last Monday and several strange objects were found. « Several ropes, a plastic bag and a child's stocking with four or five years », told to PortugalDiário Telma Fernandes. « This material already went to Barcelona where it is going to be analysed ».

In December last, the lawyer had already employed a team of divers and it was four days in the place. Then, « a rope of five meters was found », and was handed to the GNR of Lagos, recalls Telma. « We believe that afterwards it was taken to the Judiciary Police. But the fact is that no one has told us anything on the matter ». Therefore they have decided, this time, no to hand over anything « without analysing first in a private way ».

However, the "discovery" of this Friday did not leave an alternative to the lawyer and to the team of searches: “We had to call the authorities ». The bag was found « near of the tower of concentration, very much near to the place where other objects were gathered this week », reports Telma Fernandes.
« From now on the searches are going to be interrupted until we have results from the analyses to the bones and to the objects collected this week », concluded the assistant of the lawyer Aragão Correia.

Público: Madeleine: PJ and GNR followed to the dam of the Arade to do investigations
14.03.2008 - 17 h Portuguese

A team from the PJ and some elements of the GNR moved today for the dam of the Arade, near to Silves, to do investigations in the continuation of a notice that would a bag with bones was found, said a police source.

The same source told to the Portuguese News Agency Lusa that several inspectors of the Judiciary Police - declining to specify in what number - and that elements of the GNR would have followed to help to isolate the place of the alleged discovery.

As previously reported in the Wednesday publication of the DN, since Monday a team of seven divers of the school of immersion Dive Time, of Lagos, helped by professionals of the Voluntary Firemen of Portimão specialized in corpses' redemption in deep waters, are doing searches in the dam of the Arade.

Several threads of ropes, plastic bags and a girl's stocking were found on Monday in the bottom of the waters of the dam of the Arade, which reinforced lawyer Aragão Correia in his “strong conviction” that the body of Madeleine McCann, disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 from Praia da Luz, is there.


PJ dismisses lawyer who searches for Maddie
Mar 14, 2008
This is one of the sentences that a lawyer from Madeira uses to conquer sponsors for the private searches that he is carrying out in the Arade dam, in Silves. Marcos Aragão Correia asks for 5 thousand euros, and in return, he promises to publicise the name of the company to all the Portuguese and foreign media that cover the searches....


  1. There is not a listening service at MW's in Portugal and never has been.

    The reason I know this is that I was at MW's in Praia de Luz at the same time as the McCann's.

    I was there with my daughter and granddaughter at the time Madeleine went missing.

    I saw a lot of things while I was there but I can't say what as both of us have given statements to the PJ.

    We alternately went out and searched for Madeleine while her parents stayed indoors.

    People on holiday and the people of Praia de Luz searched and some of the people took a week or more off to search for her.

    The parents were far too busy going for a jog or playing tennis to do such a lowly thing as search for their own daughter.

    When you do eventually learn of what did happen and what was seen, your jaw will drop down to the ground in complete shock.

    As for Murat saying that he didn't know any of the Tapas nine. What do you think when Gerry was asked in front of a camera, "Do you know Robert Murat". His answer was "No comment". I found that's a very strange think to say. Why not just say 'yes' or 'no'.

    The only people who said that Murat was there that night are the McCann's friends. All the other witnesses said that there was a man who 'looked' like him. Look for a picture of David Payne, you will see that they are very alike and one could be mistaken for the other especially as it was quite dark by then. I have seen the two of them and the likeness is startling! I thought that they were the same person until I saw them standing nearly next to each other.

    Not one of the McCann's friends said they had seen Murat that night. Not until later in the week was it mentioned when a female reporter said that he was being very helpful just like Ian Huntley was when the two girls went missing in England.

    She pointed out the similarities of how Huntley had been helpful when the reporters spoke to him and so mentioned it to one of the McCann's friends and that's when they started pointing the finger at him.

    She was one of the reporters who were there when the murder of the two girls was being investigated and that's the only reason that she mentioned it.

    I am not saying Murat did or did not have anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance as I really don't know if he did or not. Nor do I know if Madeleine was abducted or if something else happened to her by accident or at her parents hand.

    I can only tell you the same things that are known to the public already and that is that the parents left their three kids every night alone and vulnerable. A disaster waiting to happen!

    I do wonder if people would be as supportive to the McCann's if the children had died from a leaky gas boiler or burnt to death in a fire. Maybe even drowned in the pool or had an accident while they were left alone, or would they be pointing the finger at them and saying that the parents are guilty of wilful child neglect and would they still be supportive of the parents if they had done the same thing in England.

    Still, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.

    The one thing that has always puzzled me is, why do the McCann's say that being an arguido stops them from looking for their daughter. Nobody has ever stopped them looking for her or made any attempt to do so. They have not been charged with anything as yet and are free to go anywhere they wish unless it takes over five days and then all they just have to do is inform the police as to whereabouts they are.

    They do have Metodo 3 searching for her, although how a company with no history of finding missing children/people and who's only qualification as private detectives is to deal with fraud cases as the norm was ever hired to find Madeleine is beyond me!

    The McCann’s were at Chaplin’s. I do know that for sure because me, my daughter and granddaughter were there at the time. I didn’t see the McCann’s being asked to return to see to their child because we left fairly early as my granddaughter was tired.

    I did overhear some of the MW staff talking about this fact the next morning who were chatting amongst themselves as I was in the reception area waiting for my daughter and granddaughter to meet me there, that was the same day that Madeleine went missing.

    Their opinion of the parents attitude of leaving their children alone each night wasn’t exactly flattering and according to them, that’s why MW’s offered them a babysitter for free for the night of the 3rd of May. I don’t deliberately listen to other people’s conversations but if you are standing round waiting for someone you can’t block out what you hear people talking about.

    I also overheard a woman telling the police on one of the following days about a child was crying for a long time as I was standing fairly close by, but I didn’t know that she was talking about Madeleine at the time.

    I also saw Robert Murat helping with the translations. I didn’t know his name at the time and only discovered it when I read it in the newspaper. I can’t say I took any more notice of him than any other person that was around.

    As I said before, Murat and David Payne are amazingly alike and anyone could easily be confused as to which person any witnesses did see walking around the area on the night of the 3rd of May. I wouldn’t have noticed either of them except that they were standing near to each other and would probably have just thought that they were brothers or something but that is all that registered with me at the time.

    The McCann’s were the one’s that people noticed as it was their child that was missing.

    I don’t know what happened to Madeleine but I’m sure it will eventually come out in the ‘wash’ when the PJ get answers to their questions. They could all be guilty or innocent as far as I know.

    Their avoidance of answering some questions directed at them at interviews makes me wonder what they and their friends might be hiding though. But that would only be my personal opinion of them.

    I have seen and heard every single live interview (I don’t take any notice of what the papers print) that they have given and have noticed that their version of what happened that night has changed with each interview especially Gerry’s version of events of when he checked up on the children.

    In the first interview he said that he saw Madeleine asleep.

    In the second interview he said that she was not in bed and had probably gone into their room as the twins might have disturbed her (these are the same twins that never wake up at night, just as Madeleine, according to her parents, never wakes up at night).

    In the third interview, Gerry said that he didn’t see Madeleine and he thought that she might have got up to go to the toilet. He didn’t check though.

    In the fourth interview Gerry said that he didn’t see her because she had probably got up for a drink of water. Again he didn’t check this out.

    In another interview with the magazine Vanity Fair, he said that he saw Madeleine in her bed and stood there looking at her and thinking how very lucky he was to have such a beautiful daughter.

    This was not a live interview, but I found the complete transcript of the interview on the VF website and every sigh or hesitation in replying was written down.

    I saw the McCann’s before and after Madeleine’s disappearance as did other people who were on holiday. I didn’t really take any notice of their behaviour beforehand as they were just people on holiday. I’ll keep my opinion of them to myself as to their behaviour afterwards. The only thing I can say is that they seemed upset on the night when they gave their first interview (I only saw that on the news) but as for how they acted after that, I will leave you to come to your own conclusions. If you have seen them on the t.v. you can take a guess as to what I think.

    All the people on holiday gave statements to the police and anything that was said to the PJ has to stay known only to them until they wish it to be made known to the public or not, so I can’t tell anyone about that either.

  2. No meu portinglês:

    Grande Pessoa que colocou aqui as suas observações,baseadas em factos.

    Já se sabia há muito,muita coisa. Mas os Mc fazerem a sua vida normal(até há fotos do "jogging" dessa altura)e nem se incomodarem fosse com o que fosse...

    Que ideia fariam,nessa altura de Portugal e dos Portugueses?

    Uma ideia completamente tola.

    (Tola, até é uma palavra completamente "soft",não é?)

    E,por isso se admiraram !E a "estratégia" aguçou~se e a sua táctica de defesa armou-se muito mais.

    E como as mentiras têm perna curta, o G. põe a desgraçada da Maddie em situações diferentes.Está;não está;sim;não;ali;aqui;acolá....

    Mas só espero que todos os registos tenham sido passados a olho nu.PORQUE CHEGA! Nada de lupas.A olho via-se tudo;todas as mentiras.

    Minha,Nossa Maddie;nossa luta pela tua Justiça.


  3. Unsure whether there is any significance in something I have noticed, but would like to mention it so that investigators can consider, as my mind has become rather feeble with age. There was said to be doubt about Madeleine's biological father. The Portuguese papers did say this. Gerry and Kate assert that there is no such doubt. However when the 'aging' process is being done on Madeleine's picture they show two photos, one of her father and one of her mother at the age they are trying to project. The boy that is her father is red-headed. Looking at Gerry, there is really no sign of this, his beard and chest hair all look pure dark. However his brother is ginger. Studying the photo I thought it looked odd for a school photo, (they were pretty standard at that time) and tried flipping it horizontally. Then it looked more natural, but I really did wonder if it is Gerry's brother in that picture, because the structure of the flesh on the face, as well as the colouring seemed to match. Eye colour was difficult to determine, but the impression is of brown eyes. Neither Gerry or his brother have brown eyes, so that might just be a fluke. The photo is not sharp. I do wonder if Madeleine is, or sadly was, the result of AI or IVF using Gerry's brother's sperm, whereas the twins may not be. I would not like to draw any implications from that, but could it be important?


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