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Maddie's Case: Robert Murat Receives Possessions Seized by Authorities

Computers returned after examinations

Four computers apprehended to Robert Murat, one of the Arguidos in Maddie's case, as well as two others that there were apprehended to Sergey Malinka, witness in the same process, were returned by the Public Prosecution Office to the legitimate owners, revealed a judicial person connected with the investigations. “Technical expertises were carried out to the hard disks of six computers, namely to the deleted files. We cannot reveal the content of what was found. The data are still being worked. But, as of now, there is nothing that ties these two individuals to the disappearance of the child. We can only confirm that Malinka was working in the conception of an Internet Site for the Murat’s company”, said the same source. Robert Murat considers that the devolution of the computers is a sign of that the authorities have nothing against him. “It’s a good sign. If there was something that was incriminating me they would not return to me the goods”, he said, relieved, to the press. The Portuguese authorities will leave for England next week to question the friends with whom the McCanns had dinner with on that day and more concrete information will most likely appear on a case that is far from being resolved.

Source: 24 Horas Page 11

English Arguido waited ten months

PJ returns possessions to Robert Murat

“Arguido feels that this delivery is a positive sign that there will not be substance to accuse him”

The English citizen, resident in the Praia da Luz, who was constituted as an arguido 12 days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann of a tourist resort of Lagos, in the 3rd of May of last year, has received the personal goods that were apprehended by the Judiciary Police. “We were contacted by PJ, on Monday or Tuesday, and they told us that the possessions were at our disposal ", confirmed to the CM Francisco Pagarete, the lawyer of arguido Robert Murat.
In the previous Sunday, the CM announced the discovery of electronic surveillance devices [GPS] in two vehicles of Murat and the hack sabotage of his realty state site on-line, of which Michaela Walczuch is a partner. The article mentioned the delay in the devolution of the personal goods to Murat, to whom the PJ had only handed over a cell phone. Murat went to the PJ in Portimão last Wednesday in the afternoon. He was handed over loads of apprehended clothes and three portable computers, without them he was having a difficult time in retaking his professional activity. The computers will be tested this week, to check if they have problems.
At the same time the Police returned to Michaela PC periphericals that were still held in custody. Murat did not receive back some papers written by hand with notes, addresses and phone numbers, which were annexed to the process.

Source: Correio da Manhã

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