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Maddie's photos may be fatal

Authorities point out negative example of Mari Luz to the McCanns

While keeping two investigation lines open, the Public Ministry is certain that Maddie's body will hardly be found. The campaign that was launched by her parents and the publicising of her photograph have not helped at all

The media campaign that was promoted by Mari Luz's parents was fatal for the child, that was found dead, believes a senior official in the Portimão judicial circle who is connected to the Maddie case.

"In the Spanish case of little Mari Luz, it was proved that she was killed two days after her sequestration, and there are strong indications that this happened due to the campaign that was publicly launched by her parents. If her parents had only contacted the authorities, the child might have been found alive. Who is the abductor that wants to keep a child that half the world has seen in photos on the street, in the papers and on TV? In the case of Madeleine, although it seems unlikely due to the evidence that was already collected, the same may have happened. A possible kidnapper felt trapped and got rid of her. This means that, in case they are innocent, the parents of the child might themselves have contributed for this story to end badly.

Everything is open

A source with the Central Directory for Combat to Banditism, a department at the PJ that supported the investigation as it was carried out on location during the days that followed the disappearance of Maddie, points to the fact that everything is still open: "It's obvious that the parents remain as the main suspects, but the evidence that exists against them is not conclusive. The hypothesis that the disappearance was the work of a sexual predator cannot be dismissed yet. But it is a fact that, if this is the case, the worldwide publicising of the child's photo, especially the foto with the specific sign that she had in her eye, may have led the abductor to get rid of the child as rapidly as possible. In such cases, people should contact the police first, and it's us who release the data to the press, if that is convenient for the investigation."

Two investigation lines and few evidence. One certainty: the campaign that was promoted by the parents of Madeleine McCann, the little girl who disappeared, on the 3rd of May 2007, from an apartment in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, in the Algarve, did nothing to help the investigation. Quite to the contrary. The authorities are convinced it could even have prompted the child's death, although the theory of an accident at home, followed by the concealment of the cadaver by the parents or by friends of the parents is on the front line of the investigations, as 24Horas was able to establish with senior judicial officials that are connected to the process.

"Everything indicates that the child died in the apartment at the Ocean Club resort, only 50 meters away from the location where the parents and seven other friends were dining, having consumed a large quantity of alcohol. Their versions do not match, and there are many contradictions, that we hope to clarify soon when the rogatory letter is carried out, which has been in the possession of the English police since last week. But things happened in this process which should not be done, and which have made the entire investigation more difficult, since the first day", said the senior official from the judicial circle of Portimão who is connected to the process.



The Portuguese authorities are placing all of their hope on the execution of the rogatory letter that was sent to England which will allow, in the coming fortnight, to question the seven friends with whom the McCanns dined in the Tapas Bar and the couple itself, again. A diligence that the prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes, from the Portimão court, considers to be essential in order to make an accusation against the arguidos in the process, or not.

The photos of Mari Luz have circled the world, both through the media and through the internet and leaflets that were distributed on the streets. Maddie remains missing. The Spanish girl was found lifeless two days after she was allegedly sequestered.

Translation by Astro
Source 24 Horas
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  3. I agree that the media campaign is prejudicial to the girl’s safety if she was indeed abducted. The statements I would like to remark upon are the ones that state that the evidence is inconclusive and that the impending interrogations in England are pivotal as to whether charges will or not be made. If the evidence is indeed inconclusive and they know already that contradictory statements have been made, I don’t see how these upcoming interrogations will lead to charges. In my personal opinion this all sounds like someone is playing mind games. I would venture to guess that there is sufficient evidence and that these interrogations are just to tie up loose ends and possibly lead to charging other individuals besides the parents.

  4. Oh,yes!

    Only by now we have only hope(not HOPE).

    What more will be made by the Brit. against....?


    The Portuguese authorities are placing all of their hope on the execution of the rogatory letter ...... A diligence that the prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes, from the Portimão court, considers to be essential ...."

    And all of us who fight by Maddie´s real Justice and also our PORTUGUESE GOOD NAME!

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