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Maddy relative's pub Robbed

THE pub (Joe Peoples's Bar) owned by the grandmother of Madeleine McCann was broken into and ransacked just after she visited the area at the weekend.

In the early hours of St Patrick's Day (March 15 ) morning, thieves rammed the back door of the McCann pub in the village of St Johnston, Co Donegal, with a car before tearing it apart inside and making away with almost its entire stock of alcohol.

On Saturday, Eileen McCann and her daughters visited the village of St Johnston for the third anniversary Mass of her late husband, Johnny.

But her son Gerry, father of missing toddler Madeleine, did not make it to the family event.

McCann's bar, leased by local man Joe Peoples, played host to the McCanns almost a year ago.

"She (Madeleine) was a wee dote. It's hard to believe what has happened since then," Mr Peoples said.

Source: Independent.ie

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  1. Levaram as bebidas alcoólicas todas e dinheiro,não? Quem seria?


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